Newest Treat Obsession: Frankly’s Beef Puffs


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Whether you are looking for a bite-sized indulgence or a healthy treat for training your dog, Frankly’s new Beef Puffs are the perfect pup pleasers!

Loaded with collagen and irresistible flavor, Frankly’s Beef Puffs are the perfect choice for any size dog! Kenzo + Ví

­k absolutely LOVE them!!! It’s no surprise that Kenzo loves them – he loves eating everything. But, to see Ví­k all wide-eyed really means they must be delicious!

Frankly Beefy Puff dog treats

Fun Fact/Shameless Plug: I do all of the product photography for this local company – they are one of my favorite clients and I love that they always give me extra treats for my “goodest boys.”

Frankly is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and makes a ton of different healthy snacks, chips, rolls, and bones for man’s best friend. “Made by Humans, Loved by Dogs,” is their motto and it couldn’t be truer.

All of their products are

  • Made of American Beef, Filtered Water, Maltodextrin, Dehydrated Chicken Broth, and Caramel Flavor
  • Only the freshest ingredients are used. Grain and Gluten-Free. BRC Certified.

Frankly Dog Treats

According to the AKC:

Before choosing any dog treat, make sure to review the ingredients list. Always consult with a veterinarian if your dog has food sensitivities, weight-related issues, or you have other concerns.

I love dog treats that are made with high-quality ingredients that support our dogs’ health and nutrition. I want them to be full of flavor, low on calories, and easy to give them for a quick snack or reward during training. Frankly treats check off all of those boxes.

You can find Frankly dog treats at specific retailers all over Wisconsin, on Amazon, or you can order them directly on their site!

Frankly Beefy Puff dog treats

Kenzo and Vík also really love the Frankly Chicken Flavored Dog Bones, Chips, and Rolls. These chews are not only delicious (Kenzo told me), but they’re also great for your dogs’ teeth.

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