Good Eats in Minneapolis, Minnesota 


Minneapolis is such a great foodie city to visit.

The dogs and I took a little road trip and spent 4/12 days in good ole Minneapolis. We had an amazing time with family and friends and tried a bunch of new restaurants! Our trip even overlapped my sister’s birthday!! Minneapolis did not disappoint!

Why we went to Minneapolis?

Two Reasons // 1) My super talented go-getter girlfriend, Jess of Plays Well With Butter, needed some updated photos of her & her hubby & some photos of her doing what she does best; hang out in her kitchen and create some tasty dishes! 2) My sister lives in Minneapolis, and I have not seen her, my brother-in-law, or my sweet Niece since her 1st birthday party over Memorial Day weekend!!

How we got there?

The dogs and I took a little road trip on Wednesday morning, and then Caleb flew in late Thursday evening after work.

Where we stayed in Minneapolis?

We stayed in my sister’s home just two blocks from Lake Harriet.

Where did we eat? 

I guess the better question would be, “Where DIDN’T we eat?”

Wednesday Evening: My sister is a fantastic chef, and for the first night’s dinner, she made a Brisket & Spinach Lasagna.

Thursday Evening: We went out for my sister’s birthday for dinner & drinks at her favorite restaurant Bar La Grassa. I loved the cozy atmosphere, and the server was both knowledgeable & witty. Amongst the table, we shared some apps and small pasta plates: Soft Eggs & Lobster Bruschetta, White Anchovy & Avocado Bruschetta, Muffuletta w/ Smoking Goose Salami Bruschetta, and the Charred Red Onion w/ Goat Cheese Bruschetta. We also tried the Linguine w/ Lamb Meatballs, Pasta Negra w/ Sea Urchin Chili, Mussels & Tomato, Gnocchi w/ Cauliflower & Orange, and Broccolini w/ Prosciutto Brodo. I liked their small-plates style menu because we were able to try so many different entrees.

Late Lunch Friday: After a long afternoon of editing, we ventured out to Sociable Cider Werks and had some bevies. I tried the Candy Apple Cider on tap, and it tasted just like Fall. Since we forgot to eat breakfast & lunch, we got Pulled Pork Tacos & a Cubano Sandwich from the on-site food truck, Red River Kitchen.  



Friday Evening: On the way home from the Cidery, we stopped down the street at Holy Land, a Middle Eastern deli attached to a market offering traditional made-from-scratch eats. I enjoyed wandering the grocery portion of the cafe, and watching the chef’s work so meticulously was highly entertaining.

Saturday Morning: Caleb and I took a morning drive around Uptown and the surrounding areas looking for a great coffee shop. We decided on Vicinity Coffee, the Lyndale location. Caleb got their coffee of the day, and I tried a Boone’s Beard Latte with House-made vanilla, coriander, and Black Hawaiian Sea Salt.


Vicinity Coffee Minneapolis Vicinity Coffee Minneapolis Vicinity Coffee Minneapolis Vicinity Coffee Minneapolis Vicinity Coffee Minneapolis

Saturday Lunch: We snacked on the PRETTIEST Charcuterie Board, assembled by Plays Well With Butter, at Chris + Jess’s House after we finished shooting.

Plays Well With ButterPlays Well With Butter

Saturday Dinner: Jess & Chris treated us to a fabulous evening of dinner & drinks at The Copper Hen. While waiting for a table, we all sat at the bar and sipped some craft cocktails. I had the most delicious cocktail ever: Marshmallow Campfire Manhattan: Far North Roknar, Junipero gin, carpano antica, scotch, toasted marshmallow syrup, campfire smoke rinse. I thoroughly enjoyed that it had a toasted marshmallow as a garnish! At the bar, we also shared an order of the Classic Deviled Eggs.

When we got to the table, Caleb ordered the Brussels Caesar €” shaved brussels sprouts, caper vinaigrette, pecorino, egg yolk, 1000 croutons with pulled chicken. And I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie with Roasted chicken, creamy veloute, root vegetables, peas, butter pie crust. Jess ordered the Baked Mac & Cheese €” house-made cheese sauce, cavatappi, pretzel bread crumbs, and she added wild mushroom. Chris Ordered the Little Bo Peep’s Pizza made with lamb sausage, olives, feta, red onion, fresh mozzarella, crushed tomato.

PS: Thanks again for an amazing evening, J+C!!


Early Sunday Morning: After passing Bogart’s Doughnut Co. several times while we were there and seeing the “Sold Out” sign, Caleb and I were so excited to drive by and see it still Open on Sunday morning on the drive home from Sophie’s swimming lessons. I walked in with the excitement of a kid on Christmas, and a smile plastered only my face. I wanted to make sure I could photograph them appropriately and share them with Kate & Will & Sophie, so we bought two of every flavor: Lavender Cake, Raised Glazed, Brown-Butter Glazed, Chocolate Cake, Nutella-Filled, Vanilla Bean Buttercream-Filled, and Sprinkled Cake. Of course, we unapologetically scarfed down the Nutella donut seconds after walking out the door.


Sunday Brunch:  Kate, Will, Sophie, Caleb, Jess, Chris, and I went to The Lynhall for brunch. Let me start by saying how awesome the interior of this cafe is. Secondly, their Apple Mimosa (tattersall pommeau, apple cider syrup, sparkling wine, Bolivar bitters) is to die for!!! They were SO GOOD that I had two; in my defense myself sister helped me drink both of them. 🙂 Caleb and I shared the Potato Sourdough Tartine: soft scrambled egg, wild mushroom conserva, dried olive, arugula, pecorino, and a Quiche Pastry.

The Lynhall Minneapolis The Lynhall Minneapolis The Lynhall Minneapolis The Lynhall Minneapolis The Lynhall Minneapolis The Lynhall Minneapolis The Lynhall Minneapolis The Lynhall Minneapolis The Lynhall Minneapolis Good Eats Minneapolis

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