The Best Gourmet Candy for the Ultimate Easter Basket


Get ready to level up your Easter basket game!

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Hey there, fellow sweet-tooth enthusiasts! Can you believe Easter is just around the corner? That means it’s time to start thinking about one of the most delightful aspects of the holiday: the Easter basket. But let’s move beyond the usual supermarket candy aisle, shall we?

Let’s dive head-first into the world of gourmet Easter treats! Whether you’re assembling a basket for a loved one or simply indulging yourself (you deserve it!), we’ve got you covered. Welcome to our guide on the best Easter candy! Get ready to hop into a world of delectable delights!

assorted colored candy with a green ribbon
Medicis Delicious Candy

Hoppy Shopping: The Best Gourmet Easter Candy

  1. Godiva Chocolate Bunny
  2. Lindt Easter Chocolate
  3. Sugarfina Gummies – These are the cutest gummies I’ve ever seen, but frankly everything on their website is clever and cute
  4. William Sonoma Chocolate Covered Pastel Medici Almonds
  5. William Sonoma Pastel Médicis Caramels
  6. Soft & Chewy Caramels -Non-GMO, Soy & HFCS- Free, and Gluten Free
  7. Justin’s Assorted Chocolate PB Cups – Organic, no preservatives or additives, and Gluten Free

My Favorite Childhood Memories of Easter

My fondest memory of Easter time takes me back to when I was a kid still living in Arnold, Maryland. My mom had yellow daffodils and tulips planted in our front yard.

When they would bloom she would paint whiskers and a nose on my and my sister’s faces’ and we would sit with our arms tucked in and pose like rabbits. The pictures are equally adorable as they are hilarious.

two sisters with bunny face paint on their cheeks

I’ve posted one below of this amazing memory. I remember being so excited to sit like a rabbit and to have face paint on! I am Blondie on the right and my sister Kate is on the left.

I am so excited to decorate eggs. I remember as a kid, the ultimate goal was to see who had the prettiest stained hands afterward. I am also looking forward to our Easter baskets + the egg hunt we will have with my little nieces.

The Best Easter Candy

Growing up, our Easter baskets were always plentiful! The night before we would be in charge of putting the layers of colored fluff to coat the bottom and by morning they would be filled with Reeses PB Eggs, Jelly Beans, Cadbury Mini Eggs, Almond Joys, and a Chocolate Rabbit.

As a kiddo, sugar is sugar, and refined or not, I loved it. But, as an adult, I’ve become a tad picker with my sweets. Here are several ways to amp up your Easter basket game this year with candy options that are a little fancier. Some of these options are organic, gluten-free, and/or preservative-free.


Now that we’ve hopped through some of the most scrumptious gourmet Easter treats out there, it’s time to wrap up our sweet adventure. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to fill an Easter basket as long as it brings smiles and satisfaction.

So go ahead, explore these gourmet options, and add your personal touch. After all, Easter is about spreading joy and what’s more joyful than a basket full of deliciousness? Happy Easter, candy lovers! Here’s to an uneggspectedly gourmet-filled celebration!

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