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House Fur: Kenzo & Vík

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Welcome to House Fur! A lifestyle blog about living my best life with my adorable doggies; Kenzo & Vík.

Meet Kenzo:

American Akita, born May 4, 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Favorite Treat: I love anything meat or cheesy.
Favorite activity: Sleeping or hanging out with children.
Biggest Quirk: When Mom or Dad comes home I grab the first toy I can find and pace back and forth and make a deep roaring sound.
Walk or Run? Run for a bit, then I will just walk and walk and walk
Chase or be Chased? Be Chased

House Fur House FurHouse Fur

Meet Vík:

Plush Coat German Shepherd, born June 16, 2017 in London, Kentucky.

Favorite Treat: I love my freeze dried chicken bites!
Favorite activity: Doing tricks
Biggest Quirk: I’m obsessed with water, sometimes I will even fall asleep with my face in the water bowl.
Walk or Run? I like them both the same.
Chase or be Chased? Chase.

House Fur House Fur House Fur

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