Follow My Tips to Grow Endless Amounts of Rosemary In Your Kitchen


You can grow endless amounts of rosemary year around in your kitchen by following my simple tips. 

Nothing brightens up a kitchen like a beautiful row of fresh herbs. We’ve all seen a small pot of basil or parsley growing prettily on a window sill, but what about rosemary? Although this fragrant Mediterranean herb thrives outside in warm sunshine, it can be a little trickier indoors. However, never fear! You can grow endless amounts of rosemary year around in your kitchen by following these simple tips.

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My Tips to Grow Rosemary In Your Own Kitchen

Choose the Right Pot and Soil

Rosemary naturally loves dry, well-drained soil, so to keep it healthy and happy indoors, we have to replicate these conditions. Your pot and soil will require excellent drainage. Pick a planter that will fit the size of plant you want, as rosemary will grow to fill the container, and make sure the pot has a drainage hole and tray.

Choose a well-draining potting soil such as a cactus and succulent soil mix. As a bonus tip, fill the drainage tray with small rocks and place the pot on top of these. Doing this will ensure that the soil does not sit in water and the roots stay dry.

Watering: Not too much, not too little

Rosemary likes dry roots and moist foliage, so you need to get it just right when it comes to watering. Too much, and you’ll get root rot. Too little, and the roots will die back, making it difficult for the plant to get the nourishment it needs. Therefore, water your indoor rosemary every two weeks when the top of the soil in the pot feels almost dry.

However, be sure not to let it get completely dried out. You can also mist the plant once or twice a week with water from a spray bottle. It’s like giving your rosemary a burst of moist Mediterranean sea spray in a bottle!

Bright Sunshine

Your rosemary plant loves warm light–the brighter, the better! So, find your sunniest window and place the rosemary where it will get a lot of direct sunshine, at least six to eight hours per day.

If you are bringing in a previously outdoor plant, you will need to acclimate it to less light by gradually moving it to shadier areas in the yard until it’s ready to come indoors. Doing this will prevent the shock of the weaker indoor light and keep the rosemary alive and well.

Trimming and Harvesting Your Rosemary

When the plant is about 4 inches tall, you can trim each stem’s top to begin to shape your plant and encourage a fuller plant’s growth. You can start harvesting delicious rosemary in the plant’s second year.

Rosemary will be most tasty right before it flowers. Snip the stems right above the woody part and remember never to harvest more than 20% percent of the plant.

If you follow these little tips, you will be able to happily grow as much rosemary as you want anywhere in your house!

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