Daily Harvest Smoothie Review ($25 Off Code Included)


Here is my honest review for Daily Harvest Smoothies!

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As you have probably seen on my Instagram stories, I’ve been an advocate for Daily Harvest for several years.

The Daily Harvest smoothies are (in my opinion) one of the best home delivery options online. They have eliminated my multiple weekly grocery store runs, lowered my stress about meal prepping, introduced me to so many new flavors and ingredients, and saved so much food waste in the Lenhof household! I cannot tell you how many smoothie fruits and veggies went bad before because I couldn’t finish them on time!

Daily Harvest Smoothie Review

I started ordering ready-to-bend smoothies from Daily Harvest at the beginning of February. I was debating whether to order them for about a year now.

Update: I’ve been ordering 1 Box of 26 smoothies for over 6 months now. I am over-the-moon happy about my decision to continue to give DH my business! I’ve been able to lose fat & build muscle, increase my daily vitamin intake, actually eat a solid breakfast, and save money by not throwing out un-used fruits and veggies.

Daily Harvest has other things you can add to your delivery: energy bites, salads, and soups but I think I think the Smoothies give you the most bang for your buck, so that is all I have ordered so far. They are so convenient, which is why I can justify the cost.

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My Honest Thoughts Daily Harvest Smoothies:

  • I love their bright minimalist package design and that it is made from recycled cardboard
  • They are healthy and the smoothie combinations are so unique
  • I love the ingredients and that they list everything in an easy-to-read font (this is insanely helpful for my food allergies)
  • Daily Harvest saves me time, money, and adds variety to my meals. I would never be able to have such a variety of veggies, fruits, and healthy additives in my home and not have them spoil.
  • Eating a delicious and healthy smoothie every morning takes 4 easy steps. Here’s what you need to do: take it out of the freezer, squeeze the cup a little bit to break up the ingredients, add milk/water/coconut water, and then pop it in the blender.
  • I use a Vitamix Professional Blender and after it blends for about 40 seconds I take it off the blender, shake it, and put it back on for 45-60 seconds. Boom! Pour back into the cup with your Stainless Steel Straws and enjoy!
  • If you want to add ingredients like collagen powder or whey protein powder, go for it! Just be aware it might not all fit back into the original cup. I’ve been adding creatine powder to mine after I pour them into the cup so that it doesn’t change the texture of the smoothie.
  • I choose to have 26 smoothies delivered each month so that they are $6.99 apiece.


My favorite smoothie flavors: Cherry + Almond, Banana + Greens, Mint + Cacao, and the Mango + Greens.

Here is my discount code for $25 OFF Your First Daily Harvest Order 

Code: RE-72BARH2

Here are my honest thoughts about the different flavors of Daily Harvest Smoothies that I have tried. I will keep updating this post with honest information as I have and as they keep releasing more flavors. I absolutely love most of the flavors, but there are some that I really do not like.

Strawberry + Peach Smoothie

Ingredients: organic strawberries, organic bananas, organic peaches (organic peaches, ascorbic acid, citric acid), organic raspberries, organic whole-grain rolled oats, organic flax seeds, organic goji berries

Taste: It was delicious, refreshing, and airy. I prefer my smoothies to have the consistency of a milkshake and this flavor was the consistency of cappuccino foam, therefore, I was not a fan.

Overall Thoughts:  Honestly, not that filling. I was starving within 40 minutes after I drank it. I would consider this for an afternoon snack in between meals, but not use it as a meal replacement. I will not be adding it to my next delivery.

Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie

Ingredients: organic bananas, organic hazelnuts, organic coconut milk (organic coconut, water), organic kale, organic cacao powder, organic avocado (organic avocado, citric acid, ascorbic acid, salt), organic coconut oil, organic pea protein, Himalayan sea salt

Taste: If you like Nutella you will like this smoothie, HANDS DOWN!

Overall Thoughts: Just taking a quick look at the ingredient list made me fall in love and I am so happy that it was everything I hoped it would be. I can’t believe there is avocado in this smoothie – I would have never even thought to put it in there! This one was so filling I was able to have it for breakfast and for lunch I just drank what I could and put the rest in the fridge.

The Daily Harvest website recommends this as a post-workout smoothie, which I can totally get on board with. I’ve been consistently having my smoothies in the morning alongside my cold brew, so I can’t comment on using it as a post-workout supplement. Stay tuned! I will report back!

Daily Harvest Smoothie Review

Black Sesame + Banana Smoothie

Ingredients: organic blueberries, organic banana, organic spinach puree, black sesame seeds, organic zucchini, organic dates, organic lemon juice, Himalayan sea salt, pine pollen

Taste: Ew. Not for Me.

Overall Thoughts: I am not one to throw out food, but unfortunately this smoothie went down the drain. I honestly tried so hard to drink as much as I could, but the color, texture, and taste were all bad.

[videopress j9UAS8yX]

Acai + Cherry Smoothie

Ingredients: organic cherries, organic blueberries, organic bananas, organic raspberries, organic acai puree (organic acai, citric acid), organic kale, psyllium husk

Taste: Don’t be afraid of the Kale, you can’t even taste it!

Overall Thoughts: I love using berries in my smoothie (no matter what time of the year it is) and this smoothie includes sweet cherries, blueberries, raspberries and a hearty dose of glow-inducing acaí berries. It is high in antioxidants and Omega 3’s and very filling. I think it is the perfect breakfast solution. It tastes delicious despite having Kale, so kids might enjoy it too!!

Cherry Almond Smoothie 

Ingredients: organic strawberries, organic cherries, organic almond butter, organic banana, organic sweet potato, organic sacha inchi, organic lemon juice, Himalayan sea salt, vanilla bean powder

Taste: I think this one ties the Mango + Greens Smoothie is my favorite smoothie that I’ve had from Daily Harvest. I literally sipped it down so fast! It kept me full for hours and was the perfect way to get my day started.

Overall Thoughts: It is truly my favorite and it makes me so happy when I reach into the freezer.

Daily Harvest Smoothie Review

Banana + Greens Smoothie

Ingredients: organic bananas, organic cucumbers, organic kale, organic spinach, organic lemon juice, organic wheatgrass

Taste: Full Disclosure: I don’t like cucumbers and I am not the biggest fan of wheatgrass, but I didn’t taste any of that. I love smoothies with banana because I love the creamy consistency. I think the banana and the lemon juice do a great job to make this smoothie extra tasty.

Overall Thoughts: Whenever I juice wheatgrass I always have a hard time drinking it because it tastes like dirt, but this smoothie didn’t taste like dirt at all!! Even Caleb, who isn’t a fan of drinking his greens enjoyed it! I like making this smoothie for breakfast or as a snack in between lunch and dinner if I am unable to have a full lunch.

Mango + Greens Smoothie

Ingredients: organic mango, organic spinach, organic cucumbers, organic coconut water, organic lime juice, organic coconut oil, organic Camu Camu powder

Taste: Part of eating is seeing, and my favorite color is green, so this one looked & tasted great to me! I also think because €œI know it’s good for me€ makes me judge it a bit easier than others might.

Overall Thoughts: I think this one ties the Cherry + Almond as my favorite smoothie that I’ve had from Daily Harvest. Sometimes it feels like I’m always perpetually sick or about to be whether it is my yearly case of bronchitis, seasonal allergies, and etc. so I added this one to my cart because on the website it says it is an immunity-boosting smoothie because of the Camu Camu berry, which has 60 times more Vitamin C than 1 orange. It also has coconut water in it which I drink daily anyways for sustained hydration.

Daily Harvest Smoothie Review

Chai + Coconut Smoothie

Ingredients: Organic zucchini, organic coconut meat, organic cauliflower, organic dates, organic coconut milk (organic coconut, water), organic coconut, organic cinnamon, organic black pepper, organic hemp protein powder, organic coconut MCT oil, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic nutmeg, organic star anise, organic cloves, vanilla bean powder, Himalayan sea salt

Taste: If Starbucks had a chia frappuccino, this would be it.

Overall Thoughts:  I like Chai, but it is an overpowering flavor. When I pulled off the lid of the smoothie I pulled out some of the little cubes of chai before adding my milk to the cup. I liked this flavor, but it didn’t match up to my favorite flavors so I will probably not add it to my next delivery.

Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie

Ingredients: Organic blueberries, organic bananas, organic kale, organic dates, organic spinach, organic almond butter, organic cacao powder, organic coconut, vanilla bean powder, Himalayan sea salt, organic maca powder

Taste: This Thick, decadent chocolate blueberry smoothie is loaded with antioxidants and the organic maca provides a natural boost of energy. I drank this for lunch before my hockey game last week and we won, so I call that a win for this smoothie!

Overall Thoughts: Definitely filling, but sweet. If you love an overdose of sweetness in the morning you can definitely choose this for breakfast. But if you aren’t into eating basically chocolate ice cream for breakfast, I would choose it as a lunch replacement. This one was so filling I was able to have it for lunch on Friday.

Mint + Cacao Smoothie

Ingredients: Organic bananas, organic spinach, organic cacao nibs, organic cashew butter, water, organic peppermint extract, organic chlorella powder, vanilla bean powder

Taste: GREAT! Just the perfect amount of mint and chocolate. I like that the bananas in the smoothies mellowed out the mint because I was nervous that it would be such an overpowering flavor.

Overall Thoughts: I will be adding this to my next delivery. It was a tasty and pretty way to start the morning. I say “pretty” because my favorite color is green and it was the prettiest green color! Daily Harvest reviews said, “Tastes like Mint Chip Ice Cream!” and they aren’t wrong!

[videopress IXg7GJsk]

[videopress oAYVWRdb]

Passion Fruit + Greens Smoothie

Ingredients: Organic mango, water, organic passion fruit, organic spinach, organic tahini, organic hemp seeds, organic moringa leaf powder

Taste:  The gritty texture from the seeds never fully blends out, but if you can get over that “mouth-feel” this smoothie is quite enjoyable.

Overall Thoughts: The passion fruit and mango create a balance of tartness and I love them (although gritty) protein-packed hemp seeds. Did you know that vitamin C-rich moringa has seven times more vitamin C than an orange?? This smoothie is all about nourishment and I am here for it!

daily harvest smoothie

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you are able to try some of Daily Harvest’s amazing products. These are all of my own thoughts and opinions and I am not compensated to say whether I like or dislike it. This is purely an honest review. I just wanted to share a product that I really enjoy! And believe in!

Here is my coupon code for $25 OFF Your First Daily Harvest Order use this link or code RE-72BARH2


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