Kenzo & Vík Love Snow


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I haven’t done a post on the furry boys lately, and I just finished all of my photo-editing for the day, so here we go. 

Kenzo & Ví­k love the snow! Ví­k could (and will) play snowball fetch for hours, and Kenzo loves napping in the snow.

Kenzo is so “alive” during the winter months. He has a thick double-coat and does not tolerate the heat well. Once it gets above 75°, he starts to get uncomfortable and barely ever wants to wrestle or play chase with Ví­k. When winter is here, and he is a happy boy.

Here are some snapshots from the last month. I love it when it snows because it makes my boys so happy!

How cute are these snow angels?

This weekend is in the low 50°s, so a lot of our snow melted; it is crazy to see some patches of green grass popping through! Too bad the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, though.

First Snow First Snow First Snow First Snow First Snow First Snow House Fur

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