My 4 Tips for Preparing and Moving With Houseplants


Don't kill your houseplants during your move to your new home.

Thinking of moving with houseplants to your new home? With these tips, your houseplants won’t die during the move to your new home.

Prepare Your Houseplants for the Move

Preparing your houseplants for moving day will go a long way in ensuring they arrive at their destination intact. Part of this involves choosing the perfect time of the year to move them. You may want to move the plants when temperatures are not overly warm during early spring and fall.

Before moving with houseplants, trim them to get rid of dead and extra leaves and branches. Also, remove any dust, weeds, and pests that could affect the health of your plants. Remember to take them out of the heavy pots and re-pot them in lightweight plastic pots for easier transportation. Lastly, water the plants two to three days before the shifting day to ensure they remain moist during shipment.

safe moving with plants

Pack Your Houseplants Properly

When moving houseplants, you should think of them as a person and find ways to keep them healthy during the entire moving process. Packing the plants properly will ensure adequate protection from wind, sunlight, heat, and cold. You should also place a plastic bag over the pot and tie it tightly at the base to prevent the soil from making a mess.

Next, tape the bottom of your box before placing the pots inside and fill the extra space with packing material or towels. Cushioning the pots’ sides will secure the plants in place during relocation while ensuring they can breathe. This is particularly important when moving delicate plants across town. Furthermore, remember to label the boxes “Delicate.”

Store Them Safely En Route

On your moving day, try to load your houseplants quickly to minimize exposure to extreme temperatures. If possible, you should transport the plants in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent trauma.

When moving houseplants, you need to remember how sensitive plants can be, especially when in a new and unfamiliar environment. Keep the plants in the car alongside you, preferably on the floor in the back seat, where they are less likely to fall over. While on the road, make sure they get enough water and keep them from getting too hot or cold.

Tend to Your Houseplants After the Move

You should expect some trauma when moving with your houseplants. Some leaves may turn yellow or fall during the process. Upon arriving at your new home, unpack the plants immediately, place them back into their pots, and water them. In the end, proper attention and care will ensure your houseplants remain happy and healthy.

In case you cannot move your houseplants, consider giving them away or taking a cutting to be replanted in the new home.

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