Must-have Things In Preparation For A Pet Photoshoot 


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Pet photography is something popular these days. If you have a passion for animals, it’s exciting to think that you’ve booked a dog photography session. Surely, you need to provide everything to make it look easy and good, from the accessory like the best pet brush, to their clothes, as they could be unpredictable at times. That said, you need to prepare right before the photography session. 

Perhaps, you’re preparing for that fabulous photoshoot for your dog and to get the best, there are important things you might want to consider for your pet photography session. In this article, you will know tips and some of the things to prepare for the photoshoot. It will help capture Instagram-worthy photos and make your pet’s photo become one of the most popular searches on the internet one day. 

Understanding Pet Photoshoot 

Taking photos of your pets is about taking their sweet and funny moments. You can capture their personality and the habits that others might not have witnessed. Since pets can be fast and unpredictable, it will require your patience and professional skills to keep up with pets for the photoshoot. 

It sometimes can test a photographer’s skills, as animals can be hard to deal with in terms of photoshoots. But as long as you know how to handle your pet or provide them something that would catch their attention, like giving them the best dog treats or soothing their hair through brushing it with the best pet brush. 

Things to Prepare for a Pet Photoshoot 

To help you have that successful pet photoshoot, here are the things you need to have for the photoshoot. 

Photography Equipment

Cameras with high-tech lenses will capture a better focus of your pet. You can make the background more and more blurry because of the depth effects. And it adds interest to the image you’re capturing, as well as cutting out distractions. 

I am a professional photographer (outside of working on my blog) and I am a Nikon girl. 🙂 I have my photography gear listed HERE, but when I am photographing dogs I prefer to use my 24-70mm lens or my 50mm.

Some cameras come with a wide-angle lens that offers a wider perspective to the scene. Furthermore, there are cameras with macro lenses to help you capture sharp details in your photos. Invest in cameras and have a few different lenses to make your photoshoot more flexible. Or better yet, hire a professional photographer for your pet’s photo shoot. Psst: I own and run Studio 29 Photography and love photographing doggies!!


Perhaps you have the customized dog shoe and dog clothes all ready for the shoot. Of course, your favorite dog collar must be present to make your dog look fabulous and presentable in the photos. You may also let them wear jackets or a little bow tie for something formal. You just have to let them wear it and brush their hair using the best pet brush so they would still look good for their clothes. 

Snacks and Healthy Treats 

There’s a big chance that your pet would become too naughty during the shoot. If your pet is motivated to food, having snacks and the best dog treats helps keep them focused during the photo shoot. This is even helpful when you’re having a photoshoot with more than one pet. Getting them their favorite snacks will keep them still and focused on the camera to get that best shot. I have a post about high-value dog treats HERE. 

Pet Toys and Other Things 

Your pet’s favorite toys or things can help them focus so that you can get the best shots. During the session, it is great to catch their attention by rewarding them with these things. Perhaps bring their favorite pillow, blanket, or toys for chewing. Other props would work as well, but nothing is better than your pet’s favorite things, as they’re already used to this and hold greater meaning to them.


If your dog has long hair, it is better to groom them before the session. They need to look best for the photoshoot and using the best pet brush will help them look their best on the camera. Or perhaps, let them have their haircuts to make their features become more visible. 


Depending on the photoshoot’s theme and concept, you also need to prepare for stuff and accessories. Your pet’s outfit must relate to the concept so it will look good. The theme of the photoshoot must be engaging, so the viewers can say something about the images. It will speak to the viewers about what it wants to show.



It takes a lot of patience and skills to come up with a photoshoot for your pet. It’s sometimes challenging, as pets can be unpredictable, and it’s hard to understand them. The good thing is, you can always get a photo, whether it’s candid or something serious, as long as you have prepared everything you need for your pet’s photoshoot. 

I hope the tips mentioned in this article have helped you in preparing for your pet’s photoshoot. This will surely help to make the session run smooth and easy, so you could all wrap up right away. 


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