March 15, 2019

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My Week in Recent Photos, as seen on the @House_Fur Instagram:


I could spend allllll day in our bedroom, but today I have photo sessions, consults, an ice hockey game, and tickets for Captain Marvel! ⁣

It’s tradition that we see all super hero movies with @kelizab & @mooremeats⁣ (the Moore Family)

west elm master bedroom


Oh Hi, Mom! 👋 🐾 ⠀(greetings from Vík)


my longhaired German shepherd puppy


Current (bedtime) reads:⁣

1) the newest issue of @EntrepreneurMagazine ⁣
2) Everybody Writes: Your Go-to Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by (one of my idols) @annhandley

WHAT are YOU currently reading?⁣

recent reads


Stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhing my body & mind today. ⁣

I got in a great sweat-sesh this morning & now I am prepping for tomorrow’s podcast recording with our next special guest. Stay tuned to see who is joining us on the @housefurhappyhourpodcast this week!! ⁣

stretching my mind and my body


These cold-pressed juices are MY newest addiction!⁣

“Cold-pressed juice, made with 100% raw fruits and vegetables. All the nutrients. All the benefits. None of the nonsense.” ⁣

I got mine from #picknsave but they sell them at @wholefoods@outpostnaturalfoods@picknsavestores @fuelcafemilwaukeeand so many more! (Check their website) ⁣
Lucky for me, @juicedjuicery is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – just a few minutes from my home: 640 S. 5th Street Milwaukee, WI 53204⁣

Head over the WWW.HOUSEFUR.COM/BLOG to see what all the hype is about cold-pressed juice!⁣ 🥦🍈🍍🍏🥬🥝🍋🍊🥕


Milwaukee cold pressed juice

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