Recap: 2020 Had It’s Great Moments


What unexpected lessons molded your 2020 vision?

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Raise your hand if 2020 looked anything like the plans you made for it at the end of last year! Yeah? Me neither.

But you know what? I never would have guessed I’d have grown this blog 3-fold and had my most profitable year for Studio 29 Photography, despite a global pandemic and shutdown! I learned adaptation is the key to making it in an ever-changing world.

What unexpected lessons molded your 2020 vision? And what’s in the plans for ’21? I plan on traveling as soon as things are safer and/or we are able to get the vaccine. I plan on visiting our family members and friends as much as possible. I plan on continuing to run this blog and maintain my photography business.

It’s always fun to make goals and resolutions for the new year, but it’s also important to look back on the year we’ve had. Here are some of my great moments, memories, and wins that came out of 2021:

  • As of September 2020, my work is officially on billboards all over South Eastern Wisconsin! I took the photos for Planned Parenthood Generations Campaign
  • I was a guest on Nicole Culver’s podcast: The Shift Show Podcast Episode of 286: Shifting, Adapting and Finding Your Niche in Current Times
  • I was featured on CBS58 News because of my Safe Sidewalk Sessions; my Studio 29 Photography Donations-Only Photography Sessions.
  • I was featured on Spectrum1 News because of my Safe Sidewalks Sessions – thanks again to everyone who donated!
  • Visited Boulder, Colorado & Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • We put a deposit down on the new Ford Bronco. If you haven’t already, watch YouTube videos about it.
  • I donated a portion of my profits from May to Saint Lukes Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – over $1,000.
  • After exactly 366 days, we reunited with my family! This pandemic has been so rough for me, and I am so thankful that Caleb could take some time off so we could drive to VA with the doggies to stay with my parents.
  • I was a contributor for The Pinntergrammer: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating A Foolproof Pinterest Strategy
  • I raised and donated ~$3000 to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Hunger Task Force via my Safe Sidewalk Sessions.
  • Caleb cooked. A LOT. I am so blessed to have such a talented husband!
  • Caleb smoked and grilled meats. A LOT. So much – I started a blog for him:
  • We watched some pretty great TV shows: The Boys Season 2, Younger, Mandalorian, The Undoing.
  • I got to play Ice Hockey – although just for a few games… because I was in a boot cast for a few weeks, and then I had surgery. But! I am so grateful that my ice rink was able to implement rules to keep us all safe.
  • We gained a niece – Mauve.
  • House Fur received over 130k page views in one month! Thank you to all my readers!
  • Caleb and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, and my photography business celebrated its 10th anniversary!
  • Listened to a ton of Spotify! Listen to my top songs of 2020 HERE
  • I got to virtually meet James Wedmore!
  • Our houseplant collection reached over 100!
  • Caleb added some accent tile work and changed out the fixtures in our master bathroom. Thank you, babe!
  • We started a vegetable garden – Caleb built me a beautiful raised garden bed.
  • My friend gifted me the prettiest lip stain. Trust me. It is amazing.
  • I started rollerblading again. I picked up a pair of Razors Genesys Junior Skates. I figured I’d start out with a base model before upgrading. I love them and highly recommend them to anyone looking to get back into skating.
  • I got my very first pair of designer boots! If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will make you feel empowered, beautiful, and strong? Get the Chloé Sussana Stud Buckle Booties!

My Top Songs of 2020

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