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All the purchases and exciting things from this week…

  1. Found this Target White Ceramic Birdhouse . I haven’t bought it yet though because Caleb and I are doing some landscaping in our yard, but we did purchase a wooden bird feeder! AND! Today Caleb saw a Cardinal feeding!
  2. Read So Many Museums Are Filled with Fake Paintings 
  3. Bought a Dyson V-8 Cordless Animal and I really cannot say enough good things about this machine! I thought our Shark was great, but I was so wrong. This vacuum literally has simplified and shortened my cleaning routine by 50%.
  4. Read & Re-Read How White Women Use Strategic Tears to Avoid Accountability  >> thanks for sharing this with me Alyson, Maia Terra Co. 
  5. Devoured a bag of Manzela Japanese Peanuts  Have you had Japanese Peanuts? They are literally my favorite snack EVER. They are sweet, spicy, and crunchy! They are whole peanuts coated with a crunchy soy shell. Ironically, Japanese-style peanuts originated in Mexico, not Japan.
  6. Won a Pilea from Plant Daddy’s!! They were hosting an Instagram giveaway and my name was drawn!! How fun!?!?
  7. Watched Atomic Blonde with our friends Brad + Keri for our weekly Date Night with them. Caleb made a delicious dinner: Korean Ginger Pear Beef Bowls.
  8. I got my camera and two lenses that needed fixing back from Mike Crivello’s in Brookfield >> I highly recommend them for any service work on your camera gear. My D810 + 50mm had been launched across the room when I was shooting food one day over the Holidays (Vík said he was sorry).
  9. Listened to Empire of the Sun – Two Vines [LP] on vinyl. My favorite songs are “Way to Go” & “High and Low.”
  10. Used Mr. Bean Organic Coffee Scrub – I like the Coconut one best! It is helping the eczema on my shoulders drastically and just makes the entire upstairs smell like a fresh pot of coffee after showering. Highly recommend!
  11. And, exciting business news… I hosted a “Ask Me Anything” over on AMAFeed! Thank you to all who submitted questions. I am so happy to share knowledge with those who want it!
  12. I enjoyed multiple episodes of my favorite podcasts, one being On the Ledge by Jane Perrone. 

Thank you for your support! I couldn’t keep this blog running without YOU!

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