December 16, 2017

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Shoes on shoes on shoes! Like most women, I love shoes . . . but not heels – sneakers & boots are my jam!
With the Wisconsin weather getting colder everyday, here are the shoes I’ve been pairing with my winter layers the past few weeks.
  1. Ran all the errands in my Adidas Flux Sneakers and looked like a Californian doing it!
  2. Worked in my home office and stayed cozy in my Bearpaw Moccasins. 
  3. Causal days call for my dv Roselyn Suede High Top Sneakers.
  4. My New Balance kicks are reserved for walking or running with the doggies. (I also photograph weddings sometimes in my New Balance sneakers because they are SO DARN COMFY)
  5. Stayed warm & dry in my Sperry Boots. 
  6. Weekends = my Monochrome Black Converse High Top Sneakers or my
  7. White Converse High Top Sneakers

Shop the Shoes here . . . 

PS: the moccasins are great for a Holiday Gift for friend or family!! And the New Balance or Adidas sneakers are great for your workout pal!!

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