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Victorian Staircase Revamp

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 Earlier this year we replaced the ugly stamped metal plate at the foot of our staircase with a classic glossy white return-air vent and it changed the entire look of our staircase.
Along with replacing the air vent at the foot of the staircase, we also repainted the step fronts with fresh white paint and touched up some scratches and chips in the walls throughout the house. Being such focal point of our home, I really love how bright, happy, and inviting our staircase has become since this quick improvement.
We appreciate clean, simple lines, and love our neutral color palette. We take ample time to meticulously select our furniture and decor, along with making subtle changes to enhance our interior. We strive for our home interior to be well thought-out, bright, open, delicately styled, and most of all comfortable to be in. To follow along with our home projects, you can view photos on instagram with the hashtag #lenhofslivehere
Here are some photos of the before and after. Caleb built a new frame for the new return air bar grill. I just painted and photographed. 
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