I Started Drinking Kombucha & Here’s What Happened


Last Summer I climbed aboard the Kombucha train and guess what?!? I LOVED it! I’m gonna be riding the kombuchoo-choo for the foreseeable future!

Undoubtedly, you have heard about this tasty fermented drink from countless friends, and it’s trending status on just about every social media outlet available. There is a reason for its immense popularity; kombucha is tasty and has numerous health benefits.

Kombucha is a type of tea that is fermented; don’t let the tangy scent drive you off, it has a delightful fizz and bursts with flavor. You’ll drink it because you like it, not just because it’s healthy.

I started drinking Kombucha and it literally changed my life. Let me tell you some of the reasons I’ve made drinking Kombucha a a habit in my life.

1. It Helped My Digestive System 

Because of the fermentation process, Kombucha is swimming with bacteria, but not the type you should fear. According to Dr. Axe, these special forms of bacteria are called “apathogens,” which compete with the bad bacteria in your gut and digestive system. Driving out the bad bacteria will help balance your digestive system and restore the careful balance that your body craves, which in turn will make you feel like a million bucks.

2. It Gave Me Mental Clarity 

Kombucha is packed full of vitamin B, specifically vitamin B12, which has a direct correlation with increased energy and focus. And because Kombucha has gut healing ingredients, there is research suggesting fixing a leaky gut can prevent the effects of depression and anxiety.

3. It Gave Me All the Green Tea Benefits & More!

We’ve all heard about the great benefits of green tea, from weight loss to cancer prevention, we know that green tea is liquid gold. Kombucha contains all the great benefits of green tea. Drinking it on a regular basis will reduce belly fat, help control blood sugar levels and improve cholesterol. Studies show green tea is exceedingly good for your body, so why not drink it in a form that packs an even bigger punch?

4. Strengthened My Immune System

Kombucha is chalk full of antioxidants that not only improve energy levels but also give the immune system a significant boost. According to Organic Facts, the anti-microbial properties of Kombucha can help fight both bacterial and viral infections.

5. It Helped My Über Dry Skin 

Daily Natural Remedies states the nutrients found in Kombucha tea helps skin cells regenerate faster. If you suffer from bad skin, Kombucha can help repair skin cells so that your body generates healthy replacements instead of damaged cells. Kombucha can help stop the unhealthy cell cycle so your skin can have that healthy glow we all crave.

As if these amazing benefits aren’t enough of a reason to try Kombucha, aren’t you a tad bit interested in how it tastes? If you’re eager to try some, big name stores like Target carry a small selection of this tasty tea. If you live in an area that hosts local Farmer’s Markets, you will probably be able to find a booth that sells it. And, if you are feeling exceptionally adventurous, you can always make some yourself. I plan on making my own Kombucha this year in an effort to lower our grocery bill and amount of glass bottles I recycle each week because of all the Kombucha I consume.

Full disclosure, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I can only tell you my experiences with Kombucha and some hard searched facts, but just know that not everyone has positive results with Kombucha. In fact, the Mayo Clinic posted an article stating that Kombucha health results are not scientifically proven and that some people have adverse reactions from consuming it. Drink it at your discretion and remember to listen to your body.

DO you drink Kombuca? What has it done for you? What are your favorite brands & flavors? Any tips for making it at home?

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  1. Hi Ren!! How much Kombucha do you drink in a day??

    1. Ren Lenhof Author says:

      Hi Jessica! I try to drink at least 16oz a day. 🙂

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  3. I started drinking, I get a lil gassy, but no other issues. I enjoy drinking the whole bottle in an 8 hour day at work, twice a week. Is that too little or far apart?

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