July 31, 2018

Tequila Sno-Cones & Poke Street Tacos at Blue Bat Kitchen and Tequilaria


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Located smack dab across the street from Shake Shack, you can’t possibly miss it. Blue Bat Kitchen and Tequilaria offers over 160 tequilas to try as in a unique cocktails, in a flight of 3, or in a margarita.

One look at the menu and you’ll understand instantly why I love Blue Bat Kitchen and Tequilaria so much! So many delicious fresh & light options — exactly what I crave during the summer! I promise you, the food isn’t just a distraction from the tequila — it’s reason alone to visit!

Starting with their short menu of Boozy Sno-Cones; shaved ice, drizzled with a fruity syrup, and topped with a shot of tequila. I love this creative play on sno-cones, especially on a hot sunny summer day!

For those looking for something more traditional, their house margarita is amazing. You can get it with tequila or for a bit of smokiness try it with Mezcal.

Onward to the grub!

I am a huge fan of their Poke Tacos. I love that they are on lettuce since I cannot have corn (tortilla shells). The crunchy bites of peppers & celery mixed in with the tuna make for such an interesting textural combination. Overall, it is my favorite thing on the menu.

Looking for something less fishy? You can’t go wrong with their homemade chips & salsa, signature bowls, or any of their other tasty street tacos.

What are some of your favorite Summer Milwaukee Restaurants?!? Have you visited Blue Bat? What did you think?

Blue Bat Kitchen and Tequilaria Blue Bat Kitchen and Tequilaria



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