The Best Golf Gift Guide for Him


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Let me just be plain and clear about one thing; I am not a golfer.

I’ve golfed 2 times in my entire life: once on our honeymoon in Iceland and then again 3 years later on our wedding anniversary at Grant Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 


When it came to buying golf gifts for my husband, Caleb, I struggled.

I would just search “golf gear” on Amazon and see what was popular on prime, while simultaneously asking myself, “Would Caleb buy this for himself?

The problem was… I never knew the answer because, frankly, I don’t know anything about golf. I don’t know what gear you need and what makes certain gear better over another. 

I decided it was time to just go ahead and ask for what he wanted, so, with Caleb’s help, I’ve rounded up the Best Golf Gifts for Him. 

In this golf gift guide post, Caleb does a run-down of the best golf gear, what it’s for, and why he loves it.

Thanks Caleb for helping non-golfing women like me do right by the golfing men in their lives. 


best golf gifts for husband

The Best Golf Gifts for Him


Golf Gloves:

Gloves provide added grip for the golfer’s forward hand (left hand for a right-handed golfer; right hand for left-handed golfer). There are different types of gloves for different conditions. For this guide we’ll just focus on gloves for dry conditions, but the other conditions include rain gloves and cold weather gloves. Gloves also come in many different materials.

Here are my favorite three options:

All Leather – Vice PURE – the description on the website calls them butter soft, and I can’t think of a better way to describe these gloves. They’re a pleasure just to have on. Less than $40.00/ea.

Synthetic/Leather Combo – Footjoy Weathersof – the standard in value priced golf gloves. Still uses leather on the palm and thumb with a synthetic back. Less than $30.00/ea. 

Unique Design – Callaway X Spann (previous gen)– This glove uses an elastic compression material with a small adjustable closure to hold the glove on the hand and allows for great breathability and fit. Less than $30.00/ea. 


Best Golf Bags:

USGA rules allow for 14 clubs to be used in a round. You’ll need a means to carry these clubs and balls around for the over 6 miles you’re walking. If you’re riding, you probably need a bag too. There are carry bags and cart bags. Pros have a caddy that carries their cart bags around for them. If you’re a walker, you probably want a carry bag for yourself. If you ride more than you walk, a cart bag may be for you. Some bags can be works of art or a way to show your allegiance to a brand or sports team.

Here are a couple that I think are cool:

Carry – Titleist StaDry – Less than $300.00

Lightweight Carry – Ping Hoofer Lite – Less than $250.00

Cart – Callaway Org 14 –  Less than $300.00



Best Golf Balls:

Golf balls follow the “rule” that you get what you pay for. Titleist PRO v1(x), Taylor Made PENTA, Bridgestone TOUR B series, and the like are all fantastic balls that are worth the money. However, those companies have other costs (sponsoring tour events and pro players) that they build into their products. This has opened the door for some innovative entrepreneurs that saw a hole in the market. These golf balls have the same feel and technology (and engineers!) as the big brands, but they can offer their products for a fraction of the cost because they do not have giant marketing budgets. 

Kirkland – at ~$1 a ball, these rival Titleist Pro V1 and 1x balls. 

Vice – Cool company that builds great tour quality balls. 

Snell – Snell is the last name of the owner who also holds patents for golf balls at Titleist and Taylor Made



Best Golf Hats:

Style, shade from the sun, a place to hold your ball marker – hats are a big personal preference, so I won’t pretend these are better than any other hats.

These are just ones I like:

Puma P110 – Less than $30.00

Titleist Hat w/ Ball Marker – Less than $20.00 

Straw Wide Brim Hat – Less than $20.00



Best Golf Clubs:

Again, clubs have such a wide range of styles and looks that I can’t tell you what will work for you, but here are a couple thoughts:

Get fitted for your clubs. This is totally worth it. I used to spend hours looking at clubs online and those that may be the best looking in your eye may not be the best for your swing. I went to Golf Tec

Here are the clubs I currently play with(newer version; JPX 919 Hot Metal Mizuno)

I played Mizuno blades for a while because of hubris and they look incredibly sexy in your bag.

I still love these clubs, but my game is not honed enough to have clubs this unforgiving – (here’s the newer version)

best golf gifts for husband


Best Golf Shoes:

Golf shoes used to be glorified dress shoes with metal spikes. Eventually courses started to ban the metal spikes, and golf shoe manufacturers developed shoes with removable plastic spikes.

While you can still get shoes with removable spikes, the industry seems to have moved to spike-less shoes. The shoes have also evolved to be more of an athletic style shoe (Golf is a sport! Why should the shoes be dress shoes??). I prefer the latter style so the list only includes spike-less.

Here are my picks:

G/Fore Gallivanter – ~$225.00 

True OG – Less than $150.00

New Balance Minimus SL – Less than $120.00 



Golf Gift Bonus!

These club headcovers are just cool.



helping the non-golfer be a great golf gift giver

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