The Best Ways to Support Family Members in Quarantine


Here are some ways that you can support your family members while remaining safe and socially distanced.

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We are all facing this pandemic together, even if we have to stay physically apart. Coronavirus is a scary thing, and if a member of your family has been diagnosed, they could probably use a pick-me-up to boost their spirits.

Here are some ways that you can support your family members while remaining safe and socially distanced.

Just Listen

Listening to your family member who’s in quarantine and giving them your full attention is important. You may not know what to say or how to comfort or reassure them. But often just being there will help. One of the things they may want most is to feel normal and not have a spotlight on them.

Surprise Zoom Party

A simple but effective way to cheer a family member up from afar is to surprise them with their favorite warm faces! You can tell other family members and friends to be ready to be online to send well wishes. Then, tell your quarantining family member that you want to talk face-to-face over a video-call. When they open their Zoom link (or your video calling tool of choice), they’ll see everyone smiling and sending their love! Quarantine isn’t fun, and if someone is sick, it can be even worse. This will show someone that they have support, even if they feel alone.

Organize a Parade

A great substitute for a birthday, graduation, or any celebration that has come from the pandemic is leading a parade of friends, family, neighbors, and anyone who wants to say they’re thinking of someone. Decorate your car, and drive by the house of your family member in quarantine. They can sit inside and watch through their window as their community shows them love. Even if they are physically feeling down, your family member will love to see how many people are supporting them. Plus, with everyone safely in their own cars, it maintains social distancing!

Send A Gift Basket, Flowers, Chocolates, or Even Food

Businesses have adapted their delivery methods to fit the need for socially distancing during the pandemic, and many places now offer contactless delivery. They’ll leave a delivery right on a customer’s doorstep to keep everyone safe. This means that if a family member is stuck at home with COVID, you can surprise them with the delivery of their favorite flowers or candies. A nice meal might brighten their mood too, so sending someone food from a restaurant they love could be a great way to help out.


If a family member has tested positive for COVD-19, you may be wondering how you can help them out while they’re in quarantine. These are just a few of the ways that you can show your love from a distance. We’re all in this pandemic together, even if we’re in our own homes.

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