Is Your Home As Safe As It Can Be?


I have been proactive with keeping myself and our home as safe as possible.

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Almost every day, there are reports of burglaries around Milwaukee. Sometimes, the reported cases happen to be too close to our home, and there is always panic running through my brain at odds hours of the night. This is why I have been proactive in keeping myself and our home as safe as possible.

We bought the Ring Security System for our house, and I haven’t felt safer! I know… we have 2 huge dogs that protect us, but I still love having the extra security.

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Measures You Should Take to Ensure Your Home is Burglar-Proof

Use smart locks

The main advantage of these locks is that they don’t require the standard keys. Smart locks enable you to open the door via various security means such as a password or pin, fingerprint scan, or even the face recognition system. The absence of keys in the process will discourage burglars. Using smart locks ensures that only authorized individuals can access the premises.

1) Ensure there is light

Leave a light near one or two windows to ensure your house never appears abandoned. In addition, lighting is likely to discourage any potential burglars from approaching the premises. It is also advisable that you leave your lights on when you know you will be away for a long time, such as on a weekend getaway or during vacation. This strategy aims at ensuring that the house looks occupied all the time. You can do this manually by leaving the lights on or installing a programmed system to switch the lights on and off at specific times. Our Ring security system came with a few.

2) Clear Possible Hiding Places

The first step you should take is to ensure no possible hiding places around your house, such as thick shrubs and bushes. Such spots act as hiding places for burglars and make it easy for them to monitor your movements without your knowledge. Hiding places could easily allow burglars to sneak into your premises without your knowledge. Ensure you have cleared all the thick shrubs and bushes around your premises.

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3) Improve Your Door Security

It is well known that the weak point of any door is at the door jab. A hard kick to that point would automatically break the door. You can boost the strength of the door jab by reinforcing it with hardware. You can also strengthen the door jab by fitting a steel guard that prevents the door from breaking when kicked hard. Ensure that you install the steel guard on all the doors, including overhead doors, while carrying outdoor security improvements.

4) Lock Up Your Valuables

Don’t be the kind of person who likes to show off what they have. Instead, ensure that you keep all your easy-to-grab valuables locked up away from the public eye. From the inside, ensure that you have covered all your openings, such as windows, to prevent passers-by from peeping. You should also lock away all valuable items when not in use.

Bottom Line

It is your responsibility to do everything you can to protect your premises from burglars. However, you do not have to go for expensive strategies to curb burglary. Instead, you can use simple ways to install adequate lighting to scare away burglars.


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