Tips For First-Time Puppy Parents


It’s no wonder dogs are so well known as the best animal companion on earth!

There’s nothing like the enjoyment of having a puppy in your life – they can truly make your life so much better. It’s no wonder dogs are so well known as the best animal companion on earth. Now that you and your furry new pal are coming home, here’s how to be the best puppy parent as you both adjust to your new life together.

Encourage Young Puppies to Socialize

It’s important to teach puppies how to interact with other dogs and how to behave around new people. Not only will this allow them to practice new behaviors and other important social skills, but they will also learn how to navigate around the world outside their home like dealing with certain possibly dangerous situations like crossing roads. 

If your puppy doesn’t learn how to socialize while they’re still young, it can end up causing behavioral problems for him in the future. So this is even more important to teach them if you got your puppy during the lockdown.

Puppies Need Plenty of Water

No matter what your breed of puppy, he will need plenty of clean water to drink at all times so he can stay hydrated. Check his water bowl multiple times every day, refill it whenever it starts getting low, and regularly clean it as well. 

Tip! You also need to make sure he has access to adequate shade and water especially during the hottest part of the day when summer starts heating up. Because those scorching hot days can be really tough on puppies.

Feed Puppies Healthy Food

It’s important that your new puppy gets everything he needs from his daily meals. Feeding your best buddy the right pet food is the very best way to ensure you provide him with all the energy and yummy nourishment his growing body needs for him to always be in great shape. Not only does that mean giving him the right type of food, but also the serving amounts and how often you feed them.

Puppies Need Regular Exercise

Much like us humans, regular exercise is just as important for dogs. Not only will giving your pup some exercise helps to keep him in great shape, but it’s also a great way to bond with him. Just remember that energy levels between different breeds of dogs will differ significantly. 

Whether you give them toys to play with or create activities you can both do together, exercise is the best way to ensure your puppy will be running and playing with you for many, many years.

Give Puppies Safe Toys

Being a good parent for your new puppy pal means more than just making sure he is physically healthy. You also need to play with your puppy to keep him stimulated. 

Buying him safe toys is the best way to do this because he can play with them even when you’re not around. Make sure his toys aren’t too small or your puppy could swallow and potentially choke on them. If you are short on time, dog subscription boxes like BarkBox contain treats, toys, chews, and more designed specifically for your pup, and they come delivered straight to your door each month.

Groom Your Puppy Regularly

Because young puppies find it so easy to get themselves extremely dirty and smelly, it’s important to get them used to being groomed and washed from a young age. Brush their fur regularly to remove any shedding hair as well as any time it gets knots or matted. 

They also periodically need their nails clipped safely as well as dental care like brushing and oral rinses. The best way to learn how to do this correctly is by completing a puppy grooming course. Remember to always give your puppy a treat at the end of each grooming session so they’ll have no problems next time.

Check-Ups for Your Puppy

You also need to take your puppy to the vet. There are vaccinations he needs to have, but your puppy should also have an annual check-up to check for any health problems or diseases before they become a major issue for him. 

This is important because pets can sometimes become ill without us noticing any of the symptoms. Not only is an annual wellness check-up the best way to ensure your puppy is happy and healthy, but it can make all the difference between diagnosing something early and too late.

Final Thoughts for First-Time Dog Owners 

Whether you’re becoming a puppy parent for the first time or you’ve grown up living with dogs in your life, this guide can help ensure your new best friend feels right at home with you.

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  1. Thank you for talking about how quickly a puppy can become ill without us knowing about it. Part of what makes me worried about being a pet owner is how I probably will never be able to tell if a behavioral change is just something natural or if they might be sick. I’ll make sure I stay on top of this by looking for a vet immediately after getting a puppy from a nearby pet store.

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