November 17, 2017

How To Keep Your Digital Photos Organized


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As you may know, I am a professional photographer, which means I have billions and billions of photos on my computer at all times. One question I commonly get asked, “How do I keep my photos organized?”

You asked, and I shall deliver!

Here is my detailed workflow to help Keep Your Digital Photos Organized:

  • After a shoot, I create a new folder in my “To Be Edited” folder on my portable hardrive (I used La Cie) Example Folder Name: “B+K Wedding RAWS”
  • Download memory card images onto hard drive in designated folder
  • Cull through RAW images. I use a program called Photo Mechanic. I flag all the “Keepers”, place them in a “BK Starred” folder and disregard the rest.
  • I then import the “Starred” folder images into Lightroom, apply my S29 custom editing preset, and export images to High Resolution Jpgs (300 DPI). I have specific folders for Weddings, Family & Commercial, and Personal photos.
  • I name my client folders by the client name & the type of session. I name all of my personal images with the location, activity, and the date.

Having your photos nicely organized is incredibly beneficial, but take it a step further by ensuring your images are safely backed-up!

Photo Back-Up Tips

  • All images are backed up online through a photo gallery & printing service I use; Zenfolio. 
  • As mentioned before, all images are backed up on the La Cie Hardrive. 
  • Subscribe to an Online Cloud Backup-System: I use BackBlaze and it auto-syncs my computer and hard-drives 24-7. Redundancy in my backup plan saves me the stress and anxiety of the inevitable and unexpected crash. At any point I can contact BackBlaze and receive all my files mailed to me on a hard-drive or download them from the cloud. I can even access files that I deleted weeks ago. It is a complete failsafe and I love it!
  • Get your pictures printed! I love Artifact Uprising for my prints!

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