Tips for Moving Into New House With Your Pet


Make moving stress-free and simple.

When moving to a new house, it is important to make the process as stress-free for everyone involved. This includes not only yourself and your children but also your pets. 

Caleb and I have been looking for the perfect home or perfect lot to buy for close to a year. I have no luck finding the perfect property, but I still like to have some plans in the back of my head in place for when the time does come. Moving to a new home will be quite different than our first move because we now have about 100 houseplants and a second dog.

If you have any pets living at your home, such as a dog or a cat, moving house can be a little confusing for them, and it is important to try and make the transition into their new life as stress-free and simple as you can. 

Today I want to talk about some of the best ways to make moving to a new house with a pet simple and easy.

Update Microchip Details 

The first thing you’ll need to do when moving house with a pet is updated their microchip and their vet details. This is just very important and will ensure that if your pet gets lost, they can be brought back to your new house and not your old one. 

Leave Them in a Quiet Room 

If you want to keep your pet in the house during the moving process, you need to keep them away from the action and in a quiet and safe space. Pick a spare room or a bedroom in your old house and set up your pet with their favorite toys and bed and some food. Leave them in this safe and stress-free space while you pack up, and then bring them out when ready to go to the new house. 

Take Them to a Friend or Relative’s Home 

It is important to consider taking your pet to a trusted relative’s house for a day or two during the moving process to ensure they are safe, stress-free, and happy. Taking your pet to a relative’s home will ensure that they don’t become stressed by the move and the noise you make as you pack up, take-apart, and re-assemble furniture. Having your pet at a friend’s will also give you one less thing to worry about during the move. 

Pack Up Their Things Last 

Animals will feel much more comfortable if they have their own toys and items in the home, and this is why you should leave their things in the house until the last minute. Animals are very much comforted by scent, so this is an important thing to reduce stress. 

Transport Them Safely 

You need to consider transporting your pet safe if you will be moving to a whole new city or state. You can use a company like Shiply to bring your pet to your new home safe while you start unpacking things in the new home, and this will take the stress off you and ensure that your pet is safe. My friends hired a company to move their dog from South Africa to the United States. He was an older dog and they felt very comfortable allowing a specific service to make sure the transport went perfectly.

Offer Affection  

When you move into your new house and bring your pet in – you should stay alongside them and praise them, giving them lots of affection and high-value treats. This positive reinforcement will make your pet more comfortable, and it will ensure that they don’t panic and have an accident out of nervousness. 

Have you recently moved with your dog? How did it go? Anything else I should add to the list?

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  1. Your suggestion of leaving a pet in a quiet room was definitely helpful to read about. My dog can be startled by almost anything, so I can see it causing us trouble when we start moving around our heavy furniture that could cause some loud noises. Once I arrange this and hire a moving service to help us, I’ll be sure to follow the rest of your tips so my dog will stay safe and not cause us any trouble.

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