The Best Plants That Bloom All Summer Long


Discover what plants bloom all summer to create vibrant gardens, from dazzling dahlias, to perennials, and drought-resistant options.

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If you’re searching for plants that bloom all summer, this is the perfect resource to explore a wide selection of beautiful options! In this blog post, we’ll delve into various species of summer-blooming plants that will not only thrive in full sun or partial shade but also require minimal care.

From dinner plate dahlias with their impressive size to charming pom-pom varieties, these summer flowers are sure to make a statement in any landscape and bloom all summer long! We’ll also explore asters and other perennial flowers that offer reliable blooms year after year.

If you’re looking for a more tropical flair, zinnias bring vibrant hues and unique textures to gardens during the warmer months. Foxgloves and carnations are excellent choices for long-lasting blooms, while petunias attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds!

I like to buy my plants from Eden Brothers, Perfect Plants nursery, Etsy, or on Amazon. In addition to these beautiful flowers, we will discuss wildflowers like black-eyed Susans and drought-resistant options suitable for water-conscious gardeners.

Join me as I uncover some of the best summer flowering plants guaranteed to fill your outdoor space with beauty all season long! I live in Zone 5B, and our yard has dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, lilies, wisteria, and more. Once they start blooming, I cannot stop smiling!!

woman smiling holding colorful dahlia flowers

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pink dahlias

Dahlias for Summer Blooms

One of the most popular choices for summer flowering plants is dahlias, known for their large, vibrant flowers that add a touch of elegance to any garden. Dahlias come in various sizes and shapes, making them perfect additions to gardens with different styles.

Dinnerplate Dahlias for Impressive Size

Dinnerplate dahlias, as the name suggests, can measure up to 12 inches in diameter and are sure to impress anyone who sees them. These showy flowers bloom throughout the summer months and thrive best in full sun conditions with regular watering. I order all of my Dahlia bulbs from Eden Brothers. 

Pom-Pom Dahlias for Charming Appeal

If you’re looking for something smaller but equally eye-catching, consider planting pom-pom dahlias. These miniature beauties grow beautiful round-shaped blooms that resemble pom-poms. They also require full sun exposure and well-drained soil during their growing season from late spring through early fall.

  • Pro Tip: To ensure your dahlias produce bright yellow flowers or other stunning colors all summer long, make sure they receive at least six hours of sunlight daily.

Dahlias are not the only summer flowers that bloom all season long. Other perennial flowers that can add beauty to your garden include:

  • Stella de Oro Daylily: This plant grows beautiful showy flowers with dark green foliage. It is drought-tolerant and blooms from early summer through late fall.
  • Black-Eyed Susan: This plant produces beautiful bright yellow flowers with dark centers and can grow up to three feet tall. It is an annual flower that blooms from early summer through late fall.
  • Salvia: This plant grows beautiful tiny purple, pink, or blue flowers and is a favorite among gardeners. It is drought-tolerant and blooms from early summer through late fall.
  • Butterfly Bush: This plant produces beautiful fragrant flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It requires full sun exposure and regular watering during its growing season from early spring through late fall.

When choosing summer flowering plants, it’s important to consider the growing conditions in your area. Some plants thrive in full sun, while others prefer partial shade. Additionally, some plants are drought-tolerant, while others require regular watering. By choosing the right plants for your garden, you can enjoy beautiful blooms all summer long. Dahlias are a great choice for bringing vibrant color to your garden during the summer months. A broad range of sizes and hues make dahlias a great option for adding life to your garden throughout the year. Now let’s take a look at how you can incorporate other perennials into your outdoor space for year-round beauty.

flowering butterfly bush
Butterfly Bush

Asters and Other Perennials

Asters are fast-growing perennials native to North America that thrive in full sun or light shade. These flowers look like cone flowers and bloom throughout the summer months, with colors ranging from white, purple, blue, or pink shades. Not only do they add beautiful pops of color to your garden, but asters also attract butterflies and other pollinators.

Purple Asters flowers
Asters Purple Flowers

Growing Conditions of Asters

  • Plant asters in well-draining soil with a pH between 5.8-6.5.
  • Water regularly during the growing season, especially during dry spells.
  • Add mulch around the base of plants to help retain moisture and suppress weeds.
  • Prune back dead foliage in late fall or early spring for healthy growth.

Popular Perennial Options

In addition to asters, there are several other easy-to-grow perennials that provide stunning blooms all summer long:

  1. Bloomerang lilac: A reblooming variety producing fragrant purple flowers on dark green foliage throughout the summer months.
  2. Endless Summer Lilac: Produces large clusters of blue or pink flowers, depending on soil pH. We have one of these in our yard and they smell incredible!
  3. Knock Out Roses: A low-maintenance rose variety with continuous blooms in various colors. They aren’t called Knock Out for nothing – they are fast growers and produce plenty of roses each year!

These summer flowering plants are perfect for adding color and beauty to your garden. They are also great for attracting butterflies and other pollinators. Whether you prefer annual flowers or perennial flowers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just make sure to plant them in the right growing conditions, such as full sun or partial shade, and provide regular watering and care.

Tropical Flair with Bougainvilleas and Zinnias

Add a tropical flair to your garden by planting bougainvilleas, vibrant vines perfect for outdoor areas. These summer flowering plants are known for their showy flowers that come in a variety of colors, including bright yellow and white. To ensure healthy growth, plant bougainvilleas in well-draining soil and provide them with plenty of sunlight. Zinnias also make an excellent addition to any garden during the growing season. They require full sun exposure and come in almost every color except blue, making them versatile choices for any gardener looking to brighten up their space during the hot season. Some popular varieties include:

  • Giant Dahlia Flowered Zinnias: Known for their large blooms resembling dahlias.
  • Lilliput Mix Zinnias: Compact plants producing small pom-pom-like blooms.
  • Cactus Flowered Mix Zinnias: Unique quilled petals create a cactus-like appearance.

To grow zinnias successfully, sow seeds directly into the ground after the last frost or start indoors about six weeks before transplanting outdoors. They prefer well-drained soil and regular watering throughout the summer months but can tolerate some drought conditions once established. For a summer-long display of beautiful flowers, consider planting perennial flowers such as the Stella de Oro Daylily. This plant grows well in full sun to partial shade and moist soil and produces fragrant, bright yellow flowers throughout the summer months. Another option is to plant annual flowers such as cosmos or marigolds, which bloom all summer long and come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, and orange. If you’re looking for drought-tolerant plants, consider sedums or lavender. Sedums are low-maintenance plants that come in a variety of colors and bloom in late spring to early summer. Lavender, on the other hand, produces showy flowers in late spring to early summer and has dark green foliage that looks great all season long. Both plants are drought-tolerant and require minimal watering once established. Attract butterflies to your garden by planting black-eyed susans or butterfly bushes. Black-eyed susans produce bright yellow flowers with dark centers and bloom from early summer to late fall. Butterfly bushes produce fragrant flowers in shades of pink, purple, and white and attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. With these summer flowering plants, you can enjoy a beautiful garden all season long. Remember to provide regular watering and care to ensure healthy growth and vibrant blooms through late summer. Bougainvilleas and Zinnias add a tropical flair to any garden, but for an extra special touch, Foxgloves and Carnations can take it up another level. With their unique care requirements and variety of colors available, these showy flowers are sure to brighten your summer days.

Summer Flowering Plants: Foxgloves and Carnations

Add elegance to your garden with foxgloves and carnations, two beautiful summer flowering plants that will bloom all summer long.


Foxgloves can reach heights of up to six feet tall when given ample sunlight and well-drained soil. These showy flowers bloom in late spring or early summer, creating a stunning display of color—plant foxgloves in full sun or partial shade for best results. Make certain the earth is permeable and contains plenty of organic material. Maintain regular watering, especially during dry periods. Apply a balanced fertilizer in early spring before new growth begins.


Carnations, on the other hand, symbolize love across numerous bold-hued varieties. They grow between 9 – 24 inches tall depending on the type chosen, making them suitable for individual preferences overall.

Dianthus caryophyllus, also known as “clove pinks,” are fragrant flowers that come in shades of pink, red, white, and yellow. Dianthus barbatus, commonly called “sweet william,” features clusters of small blooms atop dark green foliage that attract butterflies throughout the growing season.

Foxgloves and Carnations are beautiful additions to any garden, providing an abundance of color throughout the summer months. With petunias attracting wildlife, you can also enjoy a variety of birds and insects in your outdoor space while taking care of these blooms.

What Plants Bloom All Summer?

Here are some of the best perennial flowers and annual flowers that will keep your garden looking beautiful all summer:

  • Black-Eyed Susan: With its showy flowers and dark green foliage, this plant is a great addition to any garden. It’s also drought-tolerant and attracts butterflies.
  • Verbena: This plant produces clusters of beautiful flowers in shades of pink, purple, and white. It grows well in full sun and is drought-tolerant.
  • Salvia: With its tall spikes of blue, purple, or white flowers, salvia is a great choice for adding height to your garden. It grows well in full sun and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.
  • Zinnia: These annual flowers come in a wide range of colors and are easy to grow from seed. They bloom all summer long and are great for attracting butterflies to your garden.
Helianthus Brown Eyed Girl yellow flower
Helianthus Brown Eyed Girl

Caring for Your Summer Flowers

While these plants are all relatively easy to grow, there are a few things you can do to ensure they thrive throughout the growing season:

  • Watering: Most summer flowers require regular watering, especially during hot weather. However, be careful not to overwater, as this can lead to root rot.
  • Fertilizing: Applying a balanced fertilizer every few weeks can help promote healthy growth and abundant flowering.
  • Sunlight: Most summer flowers require full sun to grow and bloom properly. However, some, like black-eyed Susan, can tolerate partial shade.
  • Deadheading: Removing spent flowers regularly can help encourage continuous blooming throughout the summer months.

By incorporating these beautiful and easy-to-grow summer flowers into your garden, you can enjoy a colorful and fragrant outdoor space all season long. Petunias are an excellent choice for attracting wildlife to your garden and providing a beautiful display of color.

Wildflowers, such as black-eyed Susans, offer another great option that is both drought-resistant and low maintenance.

Wildflowers and Drought-Resistant Options

They offer a perfect balance between beauty and resilience suitable across various climates alike.

Planting Tips for Black-Eyed Susans

  • Location: Choose a spot with full sun or partial shade.
  • Soil: Well-draining soil is essential; these plants can tolerate poor soil conditions but thrive in rich organic matter.
  • Sowing Seeds: Scatter seeds on the surface of prepared soil in late fall or early spring. Lightly cover them with a thin layer of soil to protect them from birds.
  • Maintenance: Water regularly during the growing season, especially if there’s no rainfall. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage more blooms throughout the summer months.

Advantages of Drought-Resistant Plants

Drought-tolerant plants not only save water but also provide several other benefits, such as attracting beneficial insects and pollinators, reducing maintenance time by requiring less frequent watering, and improving overall garden sustainability. They also have better adaptability to changing weather patterns due to climate change.

Wildflowers and drought-resistant options are great for creating a colorful, vibrant garden that will last all summer.

Geraniums offer even more versatility with their diverse range of colors and types; these plants can be used to add interest to any landscape or garden setting.

Geraniums: Versatile Summer Flowering Plants for Your Garden

Geraniums are an excellent choice for adding a splash of color to your garden throughout the summer months. These versatile plants work well in various settings, such as hanging baskets, container gardens, or tabletop displays. For those who prefer a specific type, geraniums come in various varieties such as ivy, zonal and mosaic types.

Types of Geraniums Suited to Your Personal Preference

  • Ivy Geraniums: Known for their trailing growth habit and glossy leaves, they are ideal for hanging baskets or window boxes.
  • Zonal Geraniums: Recognized by their dark green foliage with distinct zones, they are great for borders or mass plantings.
  • Mosaic Geraniums: Unique due to their variegated leaves; perfect for adding visual interest to any garden space.

Tips for Growing Geraniums

To make the most out of these beautiful summer flowering plants, ensure they receive ample sunlight (at least six hours per day) and regular watering. Additionally, deadheading spent blooms will encourage continuous flowering all summer long. Geraniums are drought-tolerant plants, but they still require regular watering, especially during hot and dry weather. For more information on how to care for geranium plants properly, check out this comprehensive guide from The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

FAQs in Relation to What Plants Bloom All Summer

What Plants Bloom All Summer?

Many plants can bloom throughout the summer, including dahlias, asters, zinnias, bougainvilleas, SunBelievable Brown Eyed Girl helianthus, foxgloves, carnations, and petunias. Coreopsis and catmint are also sun-loving options that provide continuous blooms during the warm months. Proper care is essential to ensure thriving blooms.

What Flower Only Blooms in the Summer?

The Sun Believable Brown Eyed Girl Helianthus is a unique plant that only blooms during the summer season. It produces over 1,000 flowers per season with unmatched blooming performance. This plant thrives best during hot summers under full sunlight and well-drained soil conditions.

What Flower Blooms All Summer and Comes Back Every Year?

Asters and Zinnias are fast-growing, long-blooming perennials that not only bloom all summer but also return each year with new plants when properly cared for. These colorful flowers thrive in both full sun or light shade environments, making them versatile choices for your garden.

What Is the Most Common Flower in Summer?

Petunias are among the most common flowers seen during summertime due to their vibrant colors and trumpet-shaped blossoms, which attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. They require proper care, such as regular watering and deadheading, to maintain their beautiful appearance throughout the season.

What Flower Blooms the Longest?

Great for edging the front of the garden or yard, these long bloom plants have rich, golden-yellow flowers. The Stella d’Oro Daylily has one of the longest blooming periods among perennial plants, lasting through much of Spring until late Autumn if given adequate care, including a sufficient water supply and the right amount of sun. This makes it the best way for gardeners looking for continuous color in their gardens.


In conclusion, there are a variety of plants that bloom all summer long. Dahlias offer impressive size and charm with their dinnerplate and pom-pom varieties. Asters and other perennial flowers have specific growing conditions but provide beautiful options for any garden. Bougainvilleas and zinnias add tropical flair, while foxgloves and carnations bring classic beauty to the mix. Remember to provide regular watering for your plants, especially during the hot summer months. Fragrant flowers like lavender and jasmine can also be added to attract butterflies and other pollinators to your garden and yard!

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