What the Heck is a Tilt-Shift Lens?


What is a Tilt-Shift Lens?

As a new photographer or just as an inquisitive individual, you may wonder what your photographer is doing when they are changing the settings on the goofy looking tilt-shift lens on their camera and why some of the photos are blurred on the edges.

You may also wonder where the heck the tilt-shift filter on Instagram came from and if you can actually do this straight-out-of-camera on your DSLR. And to be honest, when I first started photography I once had these same exact questions! 

But, today, I typically use the tilt-shift lens at some of my family photo sessions and at most of my weddings!

So now you’re wondering, what is this tilt-shift lens, and what does it do?

The tilt-shift lens does exactly what it sounds like it does. It allows the lens of the camera to be tilted up or down, as well as, shifted left to right. Sounds great, but what’s the purpose of this? Well, the tilt-shift lens is a specialized lens that has the ability to rotate the image focal plane to a moderate degree, as well as, skew the image perspective. The lens allows the optics to be tilted or shifted in relation to the image sensor.

This basically means that a photographer is able to adjust the perspective of the lens, without moving the camera. 

Without the tilt-shift lens, the photos I take replicate what the human eye sees. However, by utilizing the tilt-shift lens it allows me to bring a new perspective to my photos by manipulating the depth of field. The tilt-shift lens is truly an impressive and handy tool to have as a photographer.

Go Get Yours!

Here are 2 of my favorite photos from Liz + Kevin’s Milwaukee Ivy House Wedding, both taken with my Tilt-Shift lens

what is a tilt-shift lens what is a tilt-shift lens


Benefits of a Tilt-Shift Lens

Photographers have the ability to use a variety of different lenses to achieve the perfect shot. So what makes the tilt-shift lens so special?

One of the many benefits of a tilt-shift lens is that it produces a unique and artistic look. This can be attributed to the fact that the tilt-shift lens was originally designed with architectural photography in mind. However, in the digital days, this lens is utilized by just about every type of photographer out there. 

The two main benefits it provides modern photographers is the ability to maximize the depth of field they are able to capture and allows the ability to shoot panoramas. I love utilizing the tilt-shift lens and always make sure to bring my tilt-shift lens to every photo session I have.

I love the artistic look it brings to photos, as do my clients! The tilt-shift lens is a must-have for any serious photographer, as it adds a whole new dimension to everything you capture. But! anyone who is a frequent photographer – even a beginner – I would recommend renting one just for fun! 


Here are two more photos from this summer – photographing Anna + Cody wandering through the vineyard with the tilt-shift was so dreamy!


what is a tilt-shift lenswhat is a tilt-shift lens

what is a tilt shift lens

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