Why I Think Every Office Should Be Dog Friendly


In addition to being a much-needed dose of cuteness, allowing dogs in an office environment can actually improve the workplace as well as personal happiness.

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I am lucky enough to work from home in-between my photography sessions, which means that I work alongside the best coworkers ever – my big fluffy doggies, Kenzo and Ví­k.

I feel so sad when I put myself in the shoes of someone who works in an office that isn’t dog friendly.

While not everyone has the job flexibility to work from home, there are plenty of offices that have adopted a dog-friendly environment, especially as startup companies and co-working spaces become more prevalent!

In addition to being a much-needed dose of cuteness, allowing dogs in an office environment can actually improve the workplace and personal happiness.

And, here are a few reasons why when you’re working like a dog, every office should be dog-friendly…

pets in the office

It Boosts Office Morale

Personally, I find it nearly impossible not to smile when a cute doggo is present, and as it turns out, I’m far from the only one. Scientific studies found that having a pet present in a stressful situation, such as a work conflict, can reduce stress and create a calming effect.

Kaitlyn Luckow, a UX & Freelance Writer, has so many positive things to say about her dog-friendly work environment; “A dog-friendly office environment can also create a collaborative workspace, by encouraging employees from different departments to interact through a conversation spurred by the dog, which otherwise might not have occurred.

The best thing is that it’s truly calming and therapeutic. Whenever I’m stressed or even need a little smile, I go find a dog, hang out with them for a few minutes, and I feel so much better.”



It Attracts Top Candidates

Company culture continues to be an important factor that potential candidates consider when interviewing for a new position.

While an attractive compensation package is still of value, additional benefits such as generous PTO, access to a fitness facility, and office perks are key factors. A dog-friendly environment is a perk that is being offered more and more to employees and is particularly enticing to millennial candidates.

Setting up your employees for success starts with creating a great workplace culture. Dogs in the office can act as an ice breaker for starting easy and new conversations between employees. Allowing dogs in the workplace can help create a comfortable & highly communicative environment will help create a great workplace culture.


It Keeps Your Doggy Happy

Bringing a dog into the office can clearly improve the moods of your coworkers, but let’s not forget our furry friends, either!

When you leave your dog at home, he’s left alone for hours on end, missing prime socialization and exercise time.

This is especially true if you have active dogs, like mine, used to weekend hikes and family time. An office environment means plenty of attention from your officemates, plus you can get a mid-day walk-in so that you don’t come home to a pooch that is bouncing off the walls each night!

Many of Caleb’s coworkers bring their puppies to work, which helps with their socialization skills and helping them experience new environments. Puppies need to learn when it is “active playtime” vs. “calm indoor time” behavior, and an office environment is a perfect place to learn those behaviors.

If you’re looking for ways to improve office culture, perhaps it’s time to bust out those doggy bow-ties and introduce a dog-friendly environment to your company!

why I think office should be dog friendly

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