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15 Things You Need if You Love Plants

Home DIY

Obsessed with Houseplants? Me, too!

And that is why YOU need all of these houseplant things!

I hope you love these plant inspired products as much as I do!

Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales from the affiliate links on this page.


15 Things You Need if You Love Plants



  1. Cactus 2018-19 Planner
  2. Plant Rope Hangers
  3. My Plants Be-Leaf in Me Coffee Mug
  4. Cactus Soothing Facial Cream
  5. Cutest Baby Elephant Indoor Watering Can
  6. Cactus Cookie Cutter Set
  7. Plant Key Chain
  8. Adopt A Plant Tee Shirt
  9. Soil PH Meter
  10. Pretty Fly For A Cacti Bag
  11. Cactus Necklace
  12. Plant Lady Tee Shirt
  13. Monstera Leaf Earrings
  14. Aloe There – Door Mat
  15. Cross Stitch Pattern


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