6 Milwaukee Happy Hour Spots to Warm You up This Winter


6 Milwaukee Happy Hour Spots to Warm You up This Winter

As you know I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and to be completely honest, once the holidays are over and all of the merry & bright decor has been taken down, our city looks pretty glum. And, it only gets worse when its complete crap outside. Once the glum fully sets in all I want is a cozy, upbeat place with a great playlist, paired with great food and a solid cocktail menu.

In no particular order, here are 6 Milwaukee Happy Hour Spots to Warm You up This Winter. Go ahead and cozy-up with a cocktail or tasty comfort food while the sun hibernates for a few months.

6 Milwaukee Happy Hour Spots to Warm You up This Winter

Hop on over to Lakefront Brewery

From their boisterous Fish Fridays to their “best-rated” cheese curds, Lakefront Brewery is definitely one of Milwaukee’s happy hour spots. Outside of their award-winning food, Lakefront Brewery is also beloved for its high-quality beer. They even offer gluten-free beer! And did I mention that their tours are amazing? Keep track of tour times and other events at Lakefront Brewery by following them on Twitter.

Cozy up at At Random

In contrast to the lively Lakefront Brewery, we have At Random, a tranquil cocktail lounge known for its ice cream and other blended drinks. Before you discount ice cream in the winter, I should mention that if you stop in during their happy hour (5-7pm), you can enjoy $5 classic cocktails. Check out their Instagram to get a feel for their laid-back atmosphere.

Visit The Gals at Triskele’s

I know I’ve mentioned Triskele’s several times on the blog – but, I can’t tell you enough just how much we love it. I highly recommend their Mac & Cheese. We order it with gorgonzola and their delectable cabernet reduction. Triskele’s has weekly specials, but their happy hour is undoubtedly THE BEST MILWAUKEE HAPPY HOUR. You’d be silly not to go there! Triskele’s offers 8 craft beers on tap with 3 rotating drafts to choose from, as well as a seasonal food & cocktail menu. If that’s not enough, they also have a wine list with 18 selections by the glass or bottle. Our favorite is the Cardiff.

Stake out Safehouse

Fun is sure to be had Safehouse, Milwaukee’s premier spy-themed restaurant. During daylight hours, Safehouse is more of a family-friendly restaurant, but come nighttime, it transitions into the type of bar James Bond would favor. Come see what’s behind the red door on Instagram, and surveil their Twitter for event notifications.

Drive down Memory Lane to get to Holler House

Holler House is still alive and kicking after 110 years, drawing in customers despite having only a Wikipedia page detailing its memorabilia and a rarely updated Facebook. If you need more than historical significance to encourage you to drink here, Esquire rated it one of the best bars in America a few years back.

Order a pint– or two– at the Knight’s Bar

Another oldie but a goodie. Also known as Mader’s Restaurant, this German eatery has been praised for both its brunch menu and draft beers. Judging by their Instagram, they have a lot of other delicious food to sample as well. Consider following the Knight’s Bar on Twitter to stay up to date on events and their daily happy hour deals.

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