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12 Fun Fall Activities to Do With Your Dog: The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

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12 Fun Fall Activities to Do With Your Dog: The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

It’s hard to ignore the vibrant orange and yellow leaves that are starting to cover the sidewalks on our morning walks and that means pumpkin everything, candy corn, apple crisp, and chilly nights are just around the corner! Before the cold weather really sets in, here is The Ultimate Bucket List of Fall Activities to Do with Your Dog.

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  1. Visit a dog friendly apple orchard.
  2. Visit a dog friendly pumpkin patch. PS: Did you know pumpkin is completely safe for dogs and really healthy for them because of it’s high fiber content.
  3. Take one more camping trip before the cold really sets in.
  4. Rake leaves and take adorable photos of your dog sitting or jumping in them.
  5. Dress up with your dog for Halloween. PS: Check your local listings for a doggy costume contest! Need help finding a costume? I’ve got you covered!
  6. Do a dog friendly 5k with your dog; find a run in your area on Running in the USA 
  7. Walk around your local farmers market PS: Check ahead to make sure dogs are permitted
  8. Enjoy the fall colors while hiking trails at your local state park.
  9. Have a cookout OR stay inside and bake some pumpkin dog treats! Here are some recipes on
  10. Kayak or Canoe with your doggy! Ps: Don’t forget their lifejacket!
  11. Watch the game and cheer on your favorite football team together wearing your team gear. Find your dog a NFL Jersey on Amazon.
  12. Visit your local beer garden and sip a Märzenbier.

Fall Activities for Your Dogfall activities to do with your dog Fall Activities to do with your dog  south shore farmers market fall activities to do with your dog

Pictured Above: Vík & Kenzo in our yard & at the South Shore Terrace Kitchen & Beer Garden near the South Shore Famers Market

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged anything extra. This just helps buy my coffee every morning.
fall bucket list for you and your dog

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