Must-Have Black and White Holiday Decor


Black and white is a timeless color combination that never goes out of style no matter the season.

Alright, I know it’s early and usually, I am never about rushing Christmas, but for some reason, this year I have been itching to decorate our house for the holidays.

I thought I’d shake up today’s blog post and share a round-up of my favorite Black and White Holiday Decor finds!

This year, give your home a makeover with black and white holiday decor! Black and white is a timeless color combination that never goes out of style no matter the season! The bold contrast makes any space feel chic and modern even during the holidays!

Most of the items in the post are more “seasonal” than “holiday,” so you can leave it styled for a longer time period of time: aka all winter long! I am all about that!!

Must-Have Black and White Holiday Decor

By focusing on a little black and white this Christmas season, you’ll be able to create a beautiful atmosphere throughout your house! This blog post will help readers who want their homes decked out in classy decor but don’t have time or energy to shop around for hours upon end – I’ve rounded up the best black and white Christmas decorations.

White Glass Snowmen

Frosty friend. Minimalist snowman in opaque white is a modern twist on the traditional. Mix among Paz trees for a cool wintry scene. These White Glass Snowmen are a CB2 exclusive found HERE.

cb2 glass snowmen

Rustic Reindeer Organic-Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

reindeer sheets

Paz Clear and White Glass Trees (Set of 4)

Evergleam. Slick clear and white cones trim a modern, minimalist holiday. Handmade of ultra-durable beaker glass, abstract trees build a festive modern forest on the mantle or tabletop. CB2 exclusive found HERE.

clear and white glass Christmas trees decor

Outline Marble Trees

Essential in form and pure in material, the outline trees epitomize a modern holiday aesthetic (though some think the polished marble and reduced geometry make them worthy of all seasons). The large tree is fabricated from Marquina marble, a stone known for its distinguishing black base and white striations. The small tree is Volakas marble, a stone in subtle white and grey. Because the stones have natural variations in veining and color, each tree will be unique. CB2 exclusive found HERE.

cb2 marble trees

Faux Ivory Pampas Grass Garland

The tempered elegance of our faux pampas garland adds a long wisp of cheer to seasonal decor. Drape the warm white grass along a mantel, down a staircase, or across a tabletop. Relaxed minimalism, naturally. Add even more cheer with the Faux Ivory Pampas Grass Wreath. CB2 exclusive found HERE.

faux pampas grass garland

Edged Linen Stockings

A sophisticated black and white palette bring boldness to the linen stocking. A classic silhouette in white, contrasting black sateen piping trio on the layered cuff. Top loop for hanging. A touch of fashion for the fireplace (or wherever the special gifts go). Mix and match with the Edged Black Linen Stockings and Edged Black Linen Tree Skirt (listed below).

black and white linen stockings

Black Zinc Reindeer

Crafted by hand with abstracted silhouettes, flowing curves, and a dark zinc finish, our modern reindeer sculptures peacefully enjoy the winter landscape. The caribou’s elongated legs and rounded cuteness add a playful element to holiday decor. Group our exclusive reindeer sculptures in a variety of sizes and metal finishes to create a miniature herd on your fireplace mantel, buffet, or dining room table—for an extra touch of wintry wonder, sprinkle the scene with fluffy faux snow. The Zinc reindeer are Crate & Barrel exclusives found HERE.

black reindeer decor

zinc reindeer

Faux Ivory Pampas Grass Wreath

The tempered elegance of this faux pampas wreath adds an organic wisp of cheer to seasonal decor. The warm white grass will look at home above a mantel or on a door: relaxed minimalism. Or go showy with the wreath as part of a textured tablescape: casual drama. Add even more cheer with the Faux Ivory Pampas Grass Garland. CB2 exclusive found HERE.

faux ivory pampas grass garland

Puff White Pom Pom Garland

Snowball garland is so cute! Fluffy white pom poms string along six feet of the natural-colored faux leather strap. Cheery holiday garland looks festive on the tree, mixed with our sprinkle line lights or layered into a tablescape. CB2 exclusive found HERE.

puff pom pom garland

Edged Black Linen Tree Skirt

A sophisticated black and white palette bring boldness to the Christmas tree skirt. Four feet in diameter, the black linen tree skirt is trimmed with a white sateen piping trio. Chic presentation for those special gifts—or a striking statement on its own. Complete the room with the Edged Linen Stockings, available in both black and white.

black tree skirt

Zinc Nutcracker Christmas Stocking Hooks and Matte Black Nutcracker

Designed to coordinate with the zinc nutcracker decorations, this little fella stands at attention in a bold silhouette. Made of sturdy aluminum and iron finished in black zinc, the nutcracker stocking hook brings a contemporary look to a beloved Christmastime figure. These nutcracker stocking hooks hold up to five pounds of stuffed stocking and have a felt bottom to protect surfaces.

nutcracker stocking hook

Tie-Dye Christmas Tree Ornaments

Leave it to Jennifer Fisher to turn tie-dye into something sophisticated for the holidays. Inspired by her Match Everything collection, ornament adds a fun touch to the tree. Lovely as a gift or to add to your own tree! This is an CB2 exclusive found HERE.

tie dye ornament

Polar Bear Pillow Arrangement

Turning its gaze to the winter sky, a snow-white polar bear admires the moon and stars on our black-as-night pillow. Exquisite embroidery done by hand shapes the abstracted celestial bodies. Inspired by Norwegian sweaters, the white dots, chevrons, stripes, and diamonds on our Holiday Knit pillows evoke a snowy mountain landscape against a black night sky. Rounding out the modern wintry scene is our plush faux fur pillow in snowy ivory.

polar beer pillows

Marble White and Black Penguins

The distinguishing white and silver-grey marble brings stature to this whimsical winter figure. Polished and poised, the stone penguin has an affable presence—modern decor appropriate for all seasons. Natural variations in marble veining and color make each penguin unique. Shows best in a menagerie with the Black Marble Large Penguin. CB2 exclusive found HERE.

marble penguin decor

Hallstatt Wood Trees

Architectural studies by the noted Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí inspired the dynamic sculptural design of our Hallstatt trees. Riffing on a holiday classic, the trees splay rustic lengths of mango wood from their pinnacle tops to form conical pines. Deceptively simple, the wood trees play with negative space and line to create fascinating shadows by night or day. Available in whitewashed or black wood finishes.

Hallstadt Wood Tree Decor

Vantaa Black Taper Holder 

Ebonized mango wood matte black candle holder looks beautiful with a wax taper candle or on its own as a mantel sculpture. Magnificent in a group, the candlestick offers dark drama solo or paired up on a dining room table. Skilled artisans cut and finish the black wood candleholder by hand. Layer with the other sizes in our exclusive Vantaa collection to create a candlelight display of sculptural silhouettes.

black candle holders

Nutcracker Snow Globe

Snowglobes are great desk or shelf décor! Few things are more festive than a nutcracker. This cute snow globe makes a great gift for yourself or someone else.

nutcracker snowglobe

Abstract Woodland Landscape Pillow Cover

This holiday black and white pillow adds a bit of modern art to your sofa. Inspired by etched wood drawings makes for a unique holiday decor pillow.

woodland Christmas pillow

Wrap It All Up!

And, while you’re in the monochromatic spirit, don’t forget the wrapping paper! This CB2 Exclusive Matte Black Kraft Paper is so pretty!

black wrapping paper

black and white holiday decorations

Shop This Black and White Holiday Decor

1) Outline Marble Trees | 2) Abstract Woodland Landscape Pillow Cover |3) Edged Linen Stockings | 4) Marble White and Black Penguins | 5) Nutcracker Snow Globe | 6) White Glass Snowmen | 7) Faux Ivory Pampas Grass Wreath & Pampas Garland | 8) Zinc Nutcracker Christmas Stocking Hooks and Matte Black Nutcracker | 9) Edged Black Linen Tree Skirt | 10) Tie-Dye Christmas Tree Ornaments | 11) Vantaa Black Taper Holder | 12) Black Zinc Reindeer | 13) Paz Clear and White Glass Trees (Set of 4) | 14) Hallstatt Wood Trees | 15) Polar Bear Pillow Arrangement

black and white holiday decorations

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