Living Room Update: Lamb Wool Pillows + Marble Top Coffee Table


It's time for a home update revealing all the new revisions to our living room.

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It’s time for a home update revealing all the new revisions to our living room. And it is also time for another West Elm Love List entry!

When Ashley, the lead home stylist, from the Milwaukee West Elm came over to my house yesterday she brought rug samples. Luckily, I got to take a closer look at the Colca Wool Rug.  This rug is eye-candy for my “less is more” Bauhaus-loving tendencies. I love its minimalist & geometric design, and that this rug is hand-crafted. I also am a huge fan of the subtle metallic threads and craftsmanship of this rug.

We waited over a year to make a decision on a coffee table for our living room. And funny story, once we bought the Box Frame Coffee Table w/ Marble Top we contemplated returning it because we were concerned there were too many rectangles in our living room. But then I decided to add greenery in circular planters to smooth out some edges within our living room and now I LOVE our decision to keep the coffee table.

We had an oversized gray faux fur pillow for the winter and we just purchased a Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover in Platinum to update the corner of our couch for the warmer months. We also bought the pillow insert from West Elm and I am very satisfied with the structure/shape and support of the pillow. I really enjoy the soft gray coloring & airy + fuzzy texture of the pillow against the twill couch.

Adding more plants (and colorful pillows) to our living room was a really great idea because our living room is mostly neutral. I love how adding a plant can brighten up space, but I will admit, adding more “things” to our space was difficult. In some rooms (such as our kitchen) I am adamant about staying very minimalist, and even interfering on ease of functionality for the sake of keeping our kitchen bare. I purchased another Swiss Cheese Plant+ Mid-Century Planter for the floor + a small tabletop planter for the on-top of the cube side table.

The far corner of our living room was lacking some height and structure so I opted for a new floor lamp. I purchased the Sphere + Stem Floor Lamp with the same finish as our Mobile Chandelier.

west elm geometric pillowwest elm andes couchwest elm andes couch and marble coffee table

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