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Part of this 2020 pandemic is taking the time to care for yourself.

In the time of coronavirus, cleanliness and caring for yourself is important. Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes are front and center in both conversations and shopping carts (whether they are in-person or virtual). Another, equally important, part of this 2020 pandemic is taking the time to care for yourself.

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It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. Hans Selye

Take care of both your body and your spirit with a bar of handmade soap that smells like, well, spirits. Lather up and relax. Perhaps take a favorite drink and book into the bath with you. You can really take it to a new level by matching a soap scent with a coordinating adult beverage of choice. 

If you’re looking for something to get you into a particularly festive mood before leaving your bathroom for a celebratory Zoom holiday party in your living room, try some wonderfully fragrant holiday soaps. Light some similarly scented candles to match the aroma. Sit back and relax.

Breathe in the notes of cinnamon or evergreen and feel some inspiration. Perhaps it’ll inspire you to get into some pandemic bread baking that’s been all over Instagram. Try your hand at baking some cookies to share with family and friends (from a distance, of course).

It’s essential to pay attention to the ingredient lists not only on your food packaging but on your personal care products, as well. Ensure that your soap is all-natural. Soaps containing glycerin that are made during the cold process method are better for you than those with added glycerin. Glycerin allows your skin to retain moisture and alleviate dryness.

Research suggests that meditation may physically change the brain and body and could potentially help to improve many health problems and promote healthy behaviors. While you’re taking time for yourself, look to different calming activities, like mediation. You can meditate while soaking in the tub. Many apps will provide guided meditation to lead you on a path of relaxation and mindfulness. Try to be “in” the moment. Think about where you are right then and there. Put all of your lists and stressors out of mind for the time being. Just breathe the soapy scents in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Here is a useful and straightforward breathing meditation video to watch before you step into the bathtub and continue once you’re soaking in the bubbly scents.

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Other forms of self-care involve being selfless. Sometimes, the simple act of giving back will give you a sense of calm. This holiday, when youre looking to snag the best deals on items for your friends and family, look for products that do double duty to benefit others as well. It’s great when you can find a company with a message of giving back that you can support. If you’re looking for other companies that give back, I’ve rounded up 10 here: Holiday Gifts That Give Back. 

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Try out some fun and great-smelling soaps for relaxation and self-care. Now that you’re all home more than ever, you know that you might not have been showering every day or your bathing habits may have changed. Wonderful fragrances just might inspire you to shower more often. Come clean, take the time to relax and care for yourself, and breathe it all in.

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