Episode 21 – Building Your Personal Brand Feat. Jen Brodman


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Big thanks to Jen Brodman an @equinox Tier 1 Personal Trainer from New York City, for joining us on our podcast!

Listen to Episode 21 –

Building Your Personal Brand Feat. Jen Brodman

I am super excited to share her questions and even more excited to dive into answering them for her and everyone listening!

To make sure we are giving the light to Jen, I asked her to record and submit her questions – I got goosebumps with her delivery on this. Thank you so much Jen for engaging with us, supporting our podcast, and most of all for dreaming big and living your best life!

The format of Episode 21 is different – we popped in the questions directly from Jen, and we are going to answer them . . . I promise you, this is an episode you do not want to miss!!

We talk about our challenges with creating a personal brand & how to go about creating your personal brand. We also looked back and thought about what we might have done differently with the creation of Studio 29 and how we have implemented what we’ve learned with the birth of this Podcast and the House Fur Blog.

Quote from the episode  “Your goal with your brand and your business is to attract customers that truly value what YOU do! And, repel the people that don’t.”

If you’re heading on a trip or need something to keep you occupied as you’re getting ready to work, take a listen. I know it won’t disappoint!

Things we mentioned . . . .

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