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My Favorite Murder Podcast 5 Star Review

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My Favorite Murder = 5 Out of 5 Stars; will keeping listening! 

Have you heard of the true-crime comedy podcast My Favorite Murder? It’s a podcast that started in January 2016 and, only five months after its launch, hit the No. 1 spot in the iTunes comedy list. My Favorite Murder has thousands of listeners and a large base of fans, like myself, who call themselves Murderinos.

The title gives you a hint about what this podcast is about; every week the cohosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff talk about an interesting murder case. However, the way they talk about these cases is totally unique.

I think the podcast is hilarious, unlike what you would usually expect from a murder podcast.

Georgia & Karen originally met at a mutual friend’s Halloween party in 2015. Kilgariff was telling the story of a gory car accident she witnessed a few years before. Hardstark was the only one interested in it. They spent the rest of the night talking about crazy murders.

Hardstark and Kilgariff’s style is conversational and really engaging. They don’t pretend to be experts or reporters which helps the conversations flow. Sometimes, even the ads on this podcast are funny. That’s another great thing about it: the ads are short and not boring at all.

Thehe JonBenét Ramsey and Sacramento’s East Area Rapist cases were talked about in the pilot episode and since their launch, they’ve talked about well-known murder cases as well as murders you might have never heard of before.

In my opinion, the stories they share are always fascinating and shocking. I listen to them while I am cleaning, editing, doing the dishes or during a long car drive. When I took Kenzo & Vík back east to visit my parents this summer, I binge listened to MFM for 18-hours straight!

If you are interested in listening to My Favorite Murder podcast, you don’t have to worry about catching up. You can start with any episode you want. But beware, you might end up binge-listening to a dozen episodes straight! You can find the podcast on iTunes. And remember, “Stay sexy, and don’t get murdered.”

What Podcast are you completely hooked on??

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    December 7th, 2017 at 12:30 am

    […] My Favorite Murderer is so good!! I’ve literally been hooked to anything “true crime” related since I downloaded my first episode of MFM this summer. I was driving to Virginia with Kenzo & Vík to spend the week with my parents and I had 18 hours to myself – turns out I spend all of it with Karen & Georgia. I wrote a 5 Star Review for this podcast HERE.  […]

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