Happy 4 Year Anniversary!


What a wonderful week it has been for Caleb and Me! This week we celebrated the 10th Year Business Anniversary for our photography company, Studio 29 Photography. And, today we are celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary!

Wow. The past 6 1/2 years have flown by so fast!

We have traveled together to Iceland (4x), Scotland, Washington DC, Davis West Virginia, Richmond and Charlottesville Virginia, All over Illinois, Mexico, Belize, Oregon, Idaho, Kentucky, San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa, Pheonix & Scottsdale Arizona, Otgen Utah, Michigan, all over Wisconsin, Minneapolis Minnesota, Denver, Golden, and Boulder Colorado. And, probably a handful more I cannot think of right now.

I love traveling and exploring and eating and drinking and taking photos of everything we have experienced together since we re-met in Denver in 2013.

I love that we make it a non-negotiable to eat dinner every evening together. I love that you love to cook – because we all know, I love to eat! I love listening to our radio shows every day with you and if we can’t listen together we can talk about it when we are together. I love your love for our doggies. I love your love for our plants and cats. I love your drive, your green eyes, and your hilarious sounding morning farts. hahah I don’t like how they smell, but they are always funny to hear unexpectedly. I love our businesses that we have expanded and built together. I love that we dream about adventures and our future. I love having goals with you and I love when you help narrow my focus and keep me concentrated. I love that family is important to you.

I love so much about you and our life this post could go on forever.

Happy Anniversary, Caleb. Cheers to many many many many more!!

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