How to Prevent Your Dog from Destroying Your Stuff


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How to Prevent Your Dog from Destroying Your Stuff by Emma Nolan

Have you ever come home to a chewed-up couch, shredded pillows on the floor, and trash all over the place? After your long, tiring day, doing major housekeeping is the last thing you’d want to do. Mitigate destructive canine behavior by getting to the root of the problem, and prevent these situations from happening again in the future.


Why Do Dogs Chew?


Dogs resort to chewing for multiple reasons. But contrary to what you may believe, chewing is actually normal behavior for dogs. Among adult dogs, chewing is a way of maintaining strong jaws and cleaning their chompers. Among puppies, chewing is a way of relieving pain when they start teething.

However, when you notice excessive chewing that already often results in frequent damages at home, this may indicate an underlying problem with your pooch.

Most of the time, destructive chewing is caused by boredom. Being always confined at home and rarely being exposed to outdoor stimuli can trigger the behavior. The same can result from a lack of exercise. If your dog does not have a regular walking routine, chances are, the pent-up energy can accumulate and be easily misdirected into destructive behavior.

Separation anxiety and hunger are also other possible reasons your dog can’t stop chewing on things.


Here are helpful tips that can help manage or reduce the problem…


Restrict Entry in Certain Areas


Prevent your dog from accessing areas where there are expensive equipment and other important items. Designate a place in the house where the dogs can still freely move around and have their fun. Put toys and food items that they can chew on.