July 24, 2019

No Rawhides for My Dogs


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The Fur

Truth: I am a bit of a helicopter-dog-mom.

After losing my first doggy, Leo in June of 2014 I’ve been so cautious about the food, treats, toys for Kenzo + Vík. Although, I will never know if this had anything to do with Leo’s passing, I was unaware of the potential hazards of feeding dogs grain and corn filled food. I was also unaware of the potential dangers of rawhides. 

Now, to give myself a little grace, it wasn’t until a few years ago that limited ingredient “higher” quality dog food was available to pet owners. But, as soon as it was, you can betcha I was on that train quicker than flies on dog poo!


Since we first brought Kenzo home the food, treats, and toys we buy have non-negotiable rules:


  • only USA made 
  • limited ingredients: no corn & no soy
  • no rawhides
  • supervision when giving them new toys
  • no toys allowed in Vík’s kennel when we are not at home (fear of choking)
  • no table scraps


One of the things on the list that I want to discuss today is my rule around No Rawhides. But, since chewing is not only fantastic for keeping dogs’ teeth and gums healthy, along with being a natural habit for dogs, I wanted to share some of the Rawhide Alternatives I trust and purchase.



The Best Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs



Elk Antlers from Elkhorn Premium Chews


  • 100% Natural: All of our antlers are collected from wild, free-range elk in the USA – never from farms. Our antler chews are all-natural and contain no additives, preservatives, hormones, or fillers. We collect only natural sheds that have already dropped to the ground – no animals are ever harmed.
  • 100% Renewable: Every year, bull elk naturally drop their antlers before growing a new set. This process ensures a renewable and sustainable supply of healthy dog chews year after year.
  • Great for Teeth & Gums
  • No Odor / No Mess: Elk antler chews are odor free and will leave behind no greasy or sticky residue.
  • Supervision Recommended: Perfect for indoor or outdoor use; we always supervise when they have these just incase they crack or shred in a potentially hazardous way. 



Snacho & Lola’s Bully Sticks


  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Natural: Our bully sticks are made with One Ingredient-beef. No fillers. Moderate odor ‘relative’ to other natural bully sticks.
  • Great for Keeping Dogs Busy: A busy dog is a good dog. You will need our THICK size for large dogs or power-chewers. For Small dogs or dogs on calorie restriction, our THIN bullys or Steers may be a better option.
  • Great for Teeth & Gums: These rawhide alternative dog chews are made from natural muscle fiber that stimulates gums and flosses teeth.
  • Supervision Recommended: These bully sticks are considered a safer alternative to Rawhide treats because bully sticks are made from tissue that is digestible.



Kathmandu’s Himalayan Yak Chew


  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Natural: Himalayan Yak Natural Dog Chews are smoked hard cheese treat produced with 100% pasture-raised Himalayan cow milk and a trace amount of lime juice. The name and description may sound weird, but trust me, our dogs love them!
  • Great for Teeth & Gums



Turkey Tendons


  • Made in the USA
  • Quality Natural Ingredients: 100% pure turkey tendon with NO additives, NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NO antibiotics, NO artificial flavors or coloring, NO steroids, NO growth hormones, and NO other harmful ingredients. A healthy natural alternative to rawhide products.
  • Great for Teeth & Gums: It is a tasty tendon treat that strengthens gums and improves overall dog dental health


Some other ideas for alternatives to rawhide treats: chilled carrots, frozen apples, or you could make these Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Dog Treats!

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may receive a small commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. Clicking these links won’t cost you anything extra, but it helps keeps the House Fur lights on. 


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