How To Make Your Home More Comfortable


Having a comfortable place to relax and wind down after a hard day is so important – but just how do you make your home more comfortable without having to do a total makeover?

There are plenty of small changes you can make that will make a huge difference to the feel of your home. Ultimately, it’s about what helps you to feel the most comfortable and is very personal. That being said, here are some ideas you can take inspiration from…


Don’t Be Stingy With Your Greenery & Houseplants

Greenery is so comforting. It helps us to feel like we’re at one with nature, brings the outside inside. Having houseplants can tie in natural tones with your decor no matter style may be. Many people (yours truly) like to create “indoor jungles” with lots of leafy houseplants.

Just make sure that you know how much light and water each plant you introduce needs, and that you have the perfect place with the perfect amount of light. 

Add Texture Wherever Possible 

Texture stops a place from looking dull and can make it look so much more comfortable. You can layer textures, pillows, and throws. Patterns can even give the illusion of texture. 


Make Sure the Temperature is Just Right

The temperature of your home is crucial, too. These days, many people choose to install smart systems so that their homes can be the perfect temperature when they arrive back from work. You can set it to turn on just before you arrive back, and you can even pick the rooms you want to be temperature-controlled. This is better for the environment and your wallet and will be so much more convenient for everyone.

Get Rid of Clutter

If you’re a maximalist, be a maximalist – there’s still no need for clutter! Things like old letters and bits out of place can be annoying and stop us from fully relaxing. Find a place for everything and get rid of things you don’t need or use. If it isn’t useful or pretty, get rid of it. 


Include Pictures of Things That Truly Make You Happy

Looking at pictures of loved ones and the good times you’ve shared is a great way to feel comfortable. Put up the ones that make you truly happy. A gallery wall in your hallway could be a great idea. 


Don’t Be Afraid Of A Little Fire

A fireplace is often considered the ultimate comfort piece. It doesn’t need to be a real fire if you’re scared of the risks, though. An electric one can work just as well. 


Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Smell can have a big impact on your mood, so make your home smell amazing with soy candles, essential oils – and even just baking!

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