Happy 6th Birthday Kenzo Doggy!


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Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet Kenzo doggy!â  

â We got Kenzo just a few days after my sweet baby Leo doggy passed away. Kenzo was just what I needed to help heal my broken heart. â 

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Kenzo is such a silly boy. He loves peanut butter, napping, and licking faces. He loves kids, craft beer, and Caleb’s sister Sarah (see photo below).

He loves pulling the stuffing out of plush toys and is not good at catching or fetching. He loves being brushed and sleeping on his back. 



And, following all stereotypes of the Akita breed, he is stubborn, politely aloof, and loves snacks. 

â Scroll down to see some birthday party photos from today and a few adorable puppy photos. â 

Psst: if you want the dog birthday party balloons, I found them on Amazon. And, the fun photo-booth props I found on Etsy. 
I made Kenzo a birthday cake with peanut butter, coconut oil, and Rice Krispies and then surrounded it with the homemade Triple Cheese Dog Treats I shared on the blog last week. â 

dog birthday party



I took all of the dog birthday party photos in my photography studio. Do you want photos for your dog’s birthday? Visit the Studio 29 Photography website and send me a message! 

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