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Our living room has become a pretty sweet place to watch Jeopardy!, Netflix, Packers, Bucks, Brewers, and movies. Listening to music has become an experience unto itself as well! Here’s what is currently delivering the sights and sounds.

Disclaimer: I’ll only write what we like about this stuff as it pertains to our setup in our living room. Professional reviews online are where you want to actually find out about the features and technical data of these items. One thing I will say about them – google the correct settings for each piece. This will make a world of difference.

Living Room  Set-Up: Guest Post by: Caleb Lenhof

  • SamsungUN65KS8000FXZA – Love this TV. The bezel is almost invisible and the stand is beautifully designed. Because of the age of our house (c. 1888) and the plaster and lathe walls, the attractive stand made the choice between wall mounting or leaving the TV on our West Elm Modern Media Console was an easy decision.
  • Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel Reciever – I actually bought this off of a coworker when he moved and no longer needed the unit. I trust his judgment when it comes to audio equipment so I knew I was getting a quality piece. An extremely capable device, it is the hub that ties all the components together and does the job swimmingly.
  • Elac Uni-Fi Speakers– These are awesome. I went to a local audio emporium and they had these on display. They sound like speakers that cost 3 times as much. Like I said above, read some reviews online. We have a center, two floor-standing, and two bookshelf speakers for the center of the channel, front right/left, and rear right/left, respectively.
  • Klipsch R-10SWi Subwoofer– Ren usually has me turn the gain down when we’re watching movies because this thing is so powerful. I oblige because I love her. At the level I prefer, though, it is like watching a movie in a theater. So cool.
  • Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable in Matte Black (w/Little Bear Vacuum Tube Pre-amp) – This was a Christmas gift from my parents this year. Thanks, Tony and Kris! My mom really did her research. (I helped.) This is not a plug-and-play turntable. There were pretty specific instructions on setting the tonearm pressure and anti-skating weight. It wasn’t very difficult, but it did take some time and patience. Totally worth having a quality sound source like this, and the aesthetic of the design fits perfectly with our living room decor. Because of the finite nature of records, listening becomes more intentional which is cool. Now we need to start adding to our (very) paltry record collection. We have our records & turntable set up on our West Elm Modern Cabinet Bookcase.
  • Xbox 360 – I don’t know anything about this. Ren plays Star Wars Battlefront. I like to watch. Seriously, I like watching my wife play video games.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp – Gifted to us by our amazing clients & friends – Sara + Ryan. 🙂 We keep this lamp on 24-7!
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