July 1, 2019

Milwaukee Brunch @ Birch + Butcher


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Can we all just agree to agree that Sunday Brunch in Milwaukee is one of the best meals of the week?

I’ve decided to snap photos and share my experience at different Milwaukee Brunch Spots because it is a ritual that Caleb and I go out for Sunday Brunch after a weekend of photographing a wedding.

Well, truthfully we go to brunch every Sunday, having photographed a wedding or not.

A n y w a y s.

Whether you’re looking for a Traditional Milwaukee Brunch, a Boozy Milwaukee Brunch, a Bottomless Mimosa Milwaukee Brunch, or a Carb-loading Pancake Heavy Milwaukee Brunch I am positive I will be sharing them all as time goes on. Today, I am sharing a Milwaukee Sunday Brunch at Birch + Butcher. 


Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch


Sunday Brunch at Birch + Butcher Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I love Birch + Butcher. 

Open, airy, and bright, with an exposed kitchen and the home of Milwaukee’s only open-fire hearth, Birch + Butcher is a locally sourced, feel-good brunch spot in the heart of Brewer’s Hill, Milwaukee.

It is located in Denim Park directly across the street from the Fresh Thyme grocery. 

When I walk in I promptly admire their open-fire hearth. I love that you can watch the chefs at work. Which, compliments to the chef; the communication and fluidity between the kitchen members is incredible to watch. Watching the kitchen prepare the food is the benefit of dining at the bar. 

I love their contemporary interior, monochrome tiled entry way, live plants, marbled concrete floors, and large south-facing windows that invite copious amounts of natural light into the entire restaurant. 

If you’re looking to day drink and indulge in a little Sunday Funday, order their Bloody Mary. 

I recommend their Bloody Mary because it is sweet & spicy and doesn’t need to be heavy on the garnish to makeup for lack of flavor of the actual drink. It is so fresh and delicious, it goes down like water! 

I also highly recommend starting your meal with a freshly made cinnamon bun and a vanilla bean latte from the barista. 


When we visited this weekend we ordered:


  • Naan Bread, Spicy ‘Nduja Chorizo Spread, Roast Broccoli, Poached Eggs + Ricotta – Broccoli is my favorite food, so clearly this was an incredible pick for me!
  • BIRCH Breakfast, 2 Scrambled Eggs, 2 Breakfast Sausage Links, 2 Slices Peppered Maple Bacon, Pork Fat Fried Smoked Potatoes + Toast – It’s a comfort food feast!
  • 2 Coffees (one reg, one iced)
  • 1 Bloody Mary


Birch’s portions and prices are on-point and I always leave wanting more, despite being totally full!

In addition to brunch, lunch, dinner, and happy hour, Birch + Butcher hosts private events. Reservations are recommended, but not required. They have outdoor patio seating as well, which is an excellent bonus in my opinion!

Birch + Butcher: 459 E Pleasant St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

It has been a ritual ever since Caleb and I started dating to go out for Sunday brunch. It has become especially important for us to keep up this weekend “date” because we photograph weddings on the weekends it is nice to sit and have a meal together on our one day off. 

Where are your favorite brunch spots in Milwaukee?


Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch Birch + Butcher Milwaukee Brunch

Milwaukee brunch at birch + butcher


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