March 9, 2019

One Super Simple (Yet Drastic) Home Update


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Here’s proof that there are simple ways to transform your home (or even a single room) without spending too much time or money.

I wanted to change something in our home.

It’s been a few months since we’ve done any updates. Caleb and I decided to make One Super Simple (Yet Drastic) Home Update!

We changed out our generic satin nickel doorknobs with matte black doorknobs! You wouldn’t believe what a significant difference it made with this ONE simple update! Scroll down and check out the before & afters! Here’s proof that there are simple ways to transform your home (or even a single room) without spending too much time or money!

Since our kitchen is such an impressive portion of our home, we decided it would be one of the weighing factors for peppering in similar design concepts for the rest of our home. I like using colors from such a predominant space throughout the rest of our home – thus, my reasoning for adding matte black doorknobs, accents, and light fixtures thought-out.

We love matte black and our black kitchen cabinets, so we decided to purchase Schlage F40 BEW 622 Bowery Door Knobs. We bought them not only the pantry and powder-room off the kitchen, but also for the spare bedroom, my office, basement, gym, and the 2 upstairs bathrooms.


I love how much of a difference this cost-effective update made!


I am extremely happy all of the pops of matte black all over our home & I can’t believe how easy it was to make this significant change! I am so lucky to have a husband that loves matte black as much as I do!!

Oh! Side note, we also got our new 2019 Calendar for the landing at the top of the stairs. We had one for 2018 and absolutely loved how it looked to anchor the wall outside of the spare bathroom.


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matte black doorknobs matte black doorknobs matte black doorknobs


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This weekend we also did a quick update to the master bathroom – and I am really digging our Quick Bathroom Refresh. 


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