Origin Story: How I Became a Crazy Plant Lady


When I moved in with Caleb back in 2014, his house didn’t have nearly enough natural light and windows for me to see the outdoor world. 

Eek! I missed the beauty of my flat in Bay View, you know... the one above Stone Creek Coffee? So, I decided to buy a TON of succulent babies to add some much-needed greenery in our home together.

And so it began…

My obsession with pretty green things EXPLODED.

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A few years later, we moved into our 1888 Victorian home with SO MANY WINDOWS. I was so excited by all the beautiful rays of light beaming into my new home. 

In fact, having lots of natural light and windows was a MUST on my Zillow search. My infatuation with those little succulents went a little bonkers and I expanded my houseplant collection like a mother (plant mother to be specific). And now, in 2019, I am the proud mother of over 34 houseplants!

These days, the word “houseplant†is synonymous with “happiness†for me. So, I’d love to give you a little slice of joy from my life and help you make your plants feel nourished and loved (so they can give the same to you!)

You can read all about how take better care of your houseplants with my favorite plant posts like:



I love to help your plants grow as much as I do mine! 

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Origin Story: How I Became a Crazy Plant Lady


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