Meet Your Newest Co-Worker: Best Plants for Your Home Office


One or more of these low maintenance houseplants is about to be your newest coworker!

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You’re going to want all of these low-light houseplants for your office! One or more of these low-maintenance houseplants is about to be your newest coworker!

I love having plants in my bathroom, kitchen, living room, foyer, bedroom, and even, my office! The more houseplants, the better!

Sometimes offices can be a tricky environment for houseplants because they may not get much light or you may not have extra time to care for the plants. But, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite low-light and/or low-maintenance houseplants that would love to keep you company at work.

So, whether you’re a bonafide plant lady or a well-known plant serial killer, you probably already know that caring for your houseplant babies is not always easy. But trust me, these houseplants are easy to care for and will love to keep you company in your office!

These plants are great for home office spaces because they are not invasive, do not have a strong odor, can act as a natural air purifier, and do not need an excessive amount of light.

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The Best Houseplants for Your Home Office

1) Pothos

They are extremely versatile and require no special care. Pothos tolerate low light, but grow well in all types, and prefer moist soil.

Because it can grow quite rapidly, I like putting it on a high shelf or in a hanging planter to allow the vines to trail down and grow naturally.

Water liberally during the growing months (spring through autumn) and then let the soil dry out a bit before watering in the winter to avoid root rot.

pothos low light houseplant

Image source: Hirt’s Gardens

houseplants home office

2) Snake Plant

It is extremely tolerant in fact, it’s been called nearly impossible to kill!

They are powerful little plants because they can filter toxins from the air and can thrive in moderate to low-lighting.

The most common mistake is overwatering during the slower growth months and causing root rot.

Overall, these plants are very tough and will thrive with little attention.

snake plant

Image source: Hirt’s Gardens

3) Spider Plant

One of the most common houseplants, spider plants are great low light indoor plants. There are a few different varieties of spider plants, but they all will do well in low light. I have mine in a hanging planter in our spare bathroom.

spider plant

Image source: Hirt’s Gardens

4) Zamioculcas Zamiifolia AKA “ZZ Plant”

Also known as a ZZ plant, can survive in low-light conditions and is a type of succulent meaning it requires little to no maintenance. ZZ plants should only be watered every one or two weeks and because of its hardiness, it is also nearly impossible to kill.

 Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Image source: Hirt’s Gardens

5) Tillandsias “Air Plants”

Tillandsias, often referred to as air plants, do not require soil to grow, meaning they are perfect for a variety of environments. Tillandsias need plenty of either natural or artificial full-spectrum fluorescent light and love humidity!

Keep in mind: The more light they get, the more humid they like it. You will want to mist it twice a week at a minimum.

It is important to note that regular incandescent bulbs do not emit the light these air plants need to photosynthesize; your need fluorescent bulbs and they will need about 10 or more hours of light a day.

Get your houseplant collection started today!

air plant

Image source: Hirt’s Gardens

houseplants for your office

houseplants for home office

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