Quartz Vs. Marble Countertops: Which Is Better For Your Kitchen and Why?


Quartz Vs. Marble Countertops: So, is one countertop really better than the other, or is it merely a matter of aesthetics? Here are my thoughts on this life-long debate!

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What comes to your mind when you picture your dream kitchen? An oasis of clean, sparkling elegance with durable countertops, right?

The truth is, there are so many options for your kitchen countertops that you’ll likely be stressed about which to choose. However, we can all agree on one simple fact: quartz and marble are levels above any other material you may choose for your kitchen countertops.

So, are quartz countertops really better than marble countertops, or is it merely a matter of aesthetics? Here are my thoughts on this life-long debate.

quartz vs marble countertop

Quartz Vs. Marble Comparison – Which is Better?

Quartz and marble are familiar darlings when it comes to kitchen countertops. Both can give you a sleek, gorgeous look for your kitchen with a range of vein choices and colors. However, the two materials differ in several aspects:

1. Appearance

Both marble and quartz can give you a unique range of color and vein patterns for your countertops.

However, it’s worth noting that quartz gives you a consistent amount of color and vein placement, unlike marble, which tends to have some hidden “surprises.”

That said, you’d be better off with marble if you want a countertop with the most unique, unpredictable veining, and natural look. Marble admittedly is gorgeous. We have a marble coffee table from West Elm and I adore it!

quartz vs marble countertop

2. Durability

The fact that marble is made up primarily of calcite means that it’s not an extremely durable stone. In fact, it’s considered fairly porous. This countertop can also absorb liquids and cause etching (dull spots as a result of calcite reacting with acids).

Quartz is non-porous and doesn’t etch or stain or scratch the way marble does. This, of course, makes it more durable than marble.

We have a marble top vanity in our spare bathroom and it has some stains and scratches from the previous owners that we (still to this day) have not been able to get out.

3. Maintenance

Due to its tendency to etch or stain quickly, marble can be classified as a high-maintenance countertop. Oftentimes, a sealer is used to counter the staining.

Again, quartz beats marble in this front since it’s virtually maintenance-free. Quartz countertops don’t require any sealers. So you don’t have to remember to treat, seal, and keep up with the extra maintenance.

4. Cost Considerations

Marble is slightly more expensive than quartz countertops depending on the quality selected.

However, the cost of labor for quartz is higher due to the sophisticated installation. This is because engineered quartz is pretty heavy and would require professional attention.

Let’s end the debacle. Shall we? In my opinion, quartz is the clear winner. Quartz is the better of the two countertops for its durability, ease of maintenance, and affordability.

Quartz Vs. Marble Countertop

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