July 11, 2019

She touched it, it shined. She walked away, it dimmed.


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The Fur

Today’s post came from a little powerful free-writing session I gave myself yesterday in the midst of editing the photos from our past 4 weddings & the 11 family sessions I’ve had in the last week. 

I am such an advocate for personal development and I share a lot of inspiring quotes on my Instagram, but I haven’t talked much about it on the blog.

So, here’s to writing more personal posts with my own stories, realizations, lessons, etc. 


Neon lights are colorful, bright, and reliable – – turns out thats everything I want and expect for/of myself. 


This is a snap from last October when I attended the first retreat for my Mastermind with Jamie in LA. 

Pictured here is her power to make this seemingly burnt-out neon light shine!

She touched it, it shined brightly. She walked away, it dimmed. 

I feel like I have that same relationship with my blog, my houseplants, my photography business, my relationship with friends, and even my marriage. 

Through a lot of self-development, the retreats with other boss babes & daily conversations with my Bizz-coach Bestie, Melanie, I know I’m getting closer and closer to adding the word “Myself” to that list of things that glow when I touch it.

2019 has been the year of taking time to nurture myself as much as I nurture everyone & everything else in my life. 

It’s only July, and I have come so far! 


Ways I have been nurturing myself consists of:

  • scheduling time every day for personal non-negotiables (working out, dinner with Caleb, breaking for lunch/to take the dogs on a walk)
  • reading books for fun
  • treating myself to sugary Starbucks drinks every-so-often
  • no longer booking sessions on Sundays
  • sleeping in past 8am on Mondays
  • outsourcing parts of my business that are not in my zone of genius
  • saying “no” and allowing myself to say “yes” to bigger, better, and more appealing opportunities 
  • signing up for a membership for massages
  • occasional acupuncture 


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