My Unwavering Motivation Has Given Me Everything


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Are you an over-thinker? Are you postponing something in your life? Do you hold back from doing things you want to do because you are constantly coming up with excuses stemmed from limiting beliefs of unworthiness?

It’s okay.

But, please, don’t let overthinking stop you from starting.

Before I launched the House Fur Blog I had fears that all stemmed from not thinking I was worthy enough to run a successful blog. 

I would constantly question myself:

Who am I to be writing and sharing tips & tricks about living a happy life with others. Who would even read it? Am I capable of creating compelling, entertaining, and educational content? 

The answer to all of these questions all circled back to me finally accepting and acknowledging and acting upon the idea that Yes, I am Worthy. Yes, I am Capable. And yes, I Can Do It.

Heck! I’ve always had the motivation to act upon any of my other dreams (such as: being an ice hockey goalie, running a successful photography bizz, writing ebooks, training my two incredible dogs, owning a Victorian Home, living close to a lake, selling my paintings, and owning my dream Jeep Wrangler all before the age of 30), so why stop now. 

Less than 20 months after launching the House Fur blog, it successfully reached over 6.5 million people. It is incredible how many people are reading my content a day. I am so grateful. 


I attribute my success for the House Fur Blog to one thing: unwavering motivation.


The House Fur blog belongs to an exclusive ad network, is a source of passive income that will directly go towards my retirement, enables me to take photos for fun, put my journalism degree to use, has introduced me to incredible creatives & brands, provided me several press opportunities, and most importantly has continued to bring me excessive joy! 

That story right there is evidence to never let overthinking and self-doubt stop you from starting. 

I started a photography business 4 days after graduating college. I bought a domain, applied for an LLC, and boom. I had a business. That first year I photographed 12 weddings and several families. It seemed so easy, but frankly, it wasn’t.


I attribute my success for the Studio 29 Photography business to one thing: unwavering motivation.


I have always been extremely motivated because I wanted more than ever to be able to have a career being a creative. I wanted to blow-up all the walls around the saying, “starving artist.” I wanted to bust down all the walls that surround the idea that I shouldn’t be compensated for my gift, my talent, and my art. I wanted to be the evidence that other artists needed to see to know it is possible and there are no excuses that should hold you back.

When things were hard or scary, my motivation, effort, and determination is all I needed to make whatever I want in my life and in my business to happen. 

That story right there is also evidence to never let overthinking and self-doubt stop you from starting. 

I am so grateful to my parents for instilling work ethic, motivation to always try my hardest, and a no-nonsense attitude for responsibility. 

My parents taught me to take responsibility and always try my hardest. My life, my success, my happiness is my responsibility. Because of them, I grew up learning to take action not put the blame on others or any external factors. Excuses are another way to take the path of least resistance.

I am so grateful to my husband, my mastermind, my online mentor & educator who I’ll refer to as “J” and my business coaches and peers for helping me truly understand and recognize my value, my purpose, and most of all my worthiness. When I finally was able to see my worthiness for being me, without solely relying on the success of my businesses to define it, I was able to make even bigger moves and put into perspective the value of life outside of work. 


So, when I reflect on my journey, it compels me to implore of you:

Please, don’t make excuses. 

Please, know you are worthy. 

And, please start stop overthinking.


My key to success is and always has been my unwavering motivation. 


Here is me, outside of Fuel Cafe. Taken by my friend Sara just a couple days after I officially launched the House Fur Blog; September 5, 2017.

 ren Lenhof of house fur blog

As seen on YFS Magazine. 

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