The 5 Best Plants For Apartment Dwellers


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I was recently at an NYC event and was so appreciative of all the houseplants I saw in people’s apartment windows, restaurants, and even hotels! It just reinforced the concept that whether you have a lot of space or a little, there is always room for a houseplant… or 10!

Friends don’t let friends let small spaces keep them from getting houseplants! So, today, I am sharing five houseplants that would be great companions for apartment dwellers. You’re welcome!

The 5 Best Plants For Apartment Dwellers

1) Spider Plant

The Spider Plant was just as popular in the 1970s as today. It’s notorious for being impossible to kill. You can put it by a window, or not. It adapts to low or high light conditions. In warmer conditions, spider plants grow long stems with white flowers.

These flowers develop into little plants that look like spiders hanging from a web (hence its name). Cut these little plants off to make new spider plants to keep or give away to friends.

We have ours in our bathroom, and it is pleased! I have plenty of care tips for Spider Plants in my #stopkillinghouseplants blog post.

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closeup photo of spider plant

2) Pothos Plant

Like spider plants, pothos can survive in a variety of light conditions. It prefers lower light, so skip putting it in a spot with direct sunlight. Pothos can even survive a missed watering or two.

Of course, please do your best to water it when the soil feels dry. This makes pothos plants super easy to care for houseplants for small living spaces.

golden pothos plant in green planter

3) Heartleaf Philodendron

This plant is easy to find and care for, making it one of the best houseplants for apartments. Like the Pothos plant, you can keep them in almost any light level, just not direct sunlight. They look and will grow great in hanging planters or wall planters. They are also insanely easy to propagate in water.

Again, water this plant when it’s dry, about once a week. There are wide varieties of Philodendrons, including the heartleaf philodendron. Or consider the split-leaf philodendron, an easy and low-light alternative to the fussy fiddle leaf plant!

4) Air Plant

What can get easiermore accessible than a plant that doesn’t need soil? If your cat likes to dig in your plants, these soil-less houseplants for small living spaces are your solution.

Just spritz your Tillandsia (aka air plant) with water once a week. Please give it a home in a fun container, like a teacup or a hanging glass orb. If your air plant needs a little extra love, you can try this Air Plant Fertilizing Spray during the growing months. This will help keep your air plants healthy, hydrated, and colorful!

air plant

5) Aloe Vera

Why not have a house plant that doubles as a beauty treatment? Cut off a piece of an aloe vera leaf, remove the sharp side, and cut it in half. Use this fresh aloe gel directly on your skin or even add tit o smoothies!

Aloe vera plants only need one deep watering once every three weeks or s. It can grow in indirect or artificial light.

aloe vera plant

5 best houseplants for apartment dwellers

1) Spider Plant | 2) Pothos Plant | 3) Philodendron | 4) Air Plant | 5) Aloe Vera

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