September 14, 2017

Why We Love Barkbox – Honest BarkBox Review


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Barkbox is a monthly themed subscription of all-natural treats and clever toys. It’s just like BirchBox, but for dogs.


Here’s what we love about BarkBox:


  1. The treats are almost always limited ingredient, grain free, and organic.
  2. The toys and treats are curated around a surprise theme each month, so you never get the same treat/toy!
  3. You can customize your subscription by your dog’s size. So if you start during the puppy stages you can update your box as they grow!
  4. You can earn free boxes for yourself OR donate them to shelters just my referring ONE person!
  5. They have subscription plans that vary in cost to suit everyone’s needs.
  6. They have great customer service and an awesome social media presence. My favorite is their Twitter and Instagram.
  7. Barkbox donates $3 for every BarkBox sold to a local rescue or shelter.
  8. The dogs clearly love it. Vík is still so young and hasn’t witnessed enough packages being delivered, but Kenzo immediately gets excited when he sees a rectangular cardboard box.
  9. Majority of the toys are very durable. Kenzo still has toys from several years ago that he still plays with!
  10. If you like a specific toy or treat you can order more directly from the seller or Barkbox’s website!


Wanna Sign YOUR dog up for happiness today!?!

Disclosure: This review of Barkbox was from my own positive experience that I wanted to share with you. I did not receive monetary compensation or free products.

Bark Box

Barkbox Review

Pictured above: Barbox toys + treats from a British themed box + Kenzo & Vík playing tug with an old BB toy from last Spring. As you can see, the toys are very durable.

P/C: Studio 29 Photography


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