Will You Have the Cleanest House on Your Block this Spring?


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Will You Have the Cleanest House on Your Block this Spring?

Here are my Best Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring is in the air! Spring means, more sunshine, spring fever, and of course, SPRING CLEANING! Though spring cleaning might be daunting for some, spring cleaning is an opportunity to bring fresh smells, squeaky clean surfaces, and order to your home! I am excited to share my tips so you can have the cleanest house on your block this Spring!

Spring cleaning always is a great time to get organized! Spring cleaning is also a fantastic way to bring you peace of mind. And, speaking of peace of mind – I am one of those people who absolutely cannot function if our home is even a little dirty or full of clutter.

As you know, I am either out and about photographing clients on-location or at our studio OR I am sitting in my home office with the dogs at my feet, and therefore if our home is not tidy and clean I have a lot of issues staying focused and getting through all of the “office work” of running the Studio 29 Photography business. Do you have quirky work needs?

I am not by any means complaining! In fact, I throughly enjoy cleaning. Vacuuming and disinfecting are some of my favorite hobbies. 😉 Find that surprising? Here are my tricks and tips to give you a head start on your top-to-bottom Spring Cleaning routine using my favorite natural cleaning products!

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My Tips for the Cleanest House on Your Block this Spring


1. ALWAYS Begin by Dusting

Start from the very top of the corners in your house. Everything will fall to the next layer of dusting. By the time you get to the bottom of your house, all of the dust, grime and cobwebs will be on the floor, which is where you ultimately want everything at the end.

2. Wipe All Surfaces

After all the dirt and dust has fallen, you’ll want to make sure all of the remains are off of your living spaces. You can use an environmental-friendly all-purpose cleaner to make all your surfaces look and feel sparkly clean and disinfected!

3. Sweep, Vacuum and Mop

After all the dirt and dust moves to the very bottom of your house, you will definitely want to sweep, vacuum and mop your floors! This will take away the rest of the dirt, dust and grime that has accumulated in your house over the winter season. When mopping, add a splash of all-purpose cleaner to your warm, bucket water. Not only will it make your floors shine, but it will give off a wonderful aroma in your household. I am a fan of Mrs Meyer’s natural floor cleaner, because unlike other “natural” brands, Meyer’s doesn’t smell like urine.

4. Strip ALL beds

Even though you should be changing your linens once a week, remember to go to each room of your house and strip all beds of their sheets, pillow cases and comforters. It doesn’t matter if it’s a guest room that hasn’t been used in awhile. I bet it could still use a nice, clean spruce-up! After all of the beds are stripped, you’ll want to do several loads of laundry. (I know, I know, UGH! Just blast some of your favorite music and all will be right with the world!)

5. Scrub that Kitchen!

Grab a some disinfecting wipes or spray (we use Seventh Generation) and scrub out your refrigerator, stovetop, cabinets, tile grout & backsplash, microwave, and sink.. An all-purpose kitchen cleaner will cut away all your dirt and grime that has been stacking up around the nooks and crannies of your kitchen all winter long!

6. Add Some Air Freshener or Fresh Cut Blooms

When you’re finished with your cleaning, it’s always lovely to walk around your home when it’s smelling its best! Adding fragrances can be a great finishing touch to your spring cleaning endeavor. Whatever your preference is, you can make your home smell extra clean with essential oils or soy candles! We primarily use essential oils in our home, exclusively from Jade Bloom*. We love diffusing oils. One of our favorite combinations is Cedarwood Atlas and Bulgarian Lavender. Or, if we happen to stop by the grocery or our Peonies are in bloom I always love putting out a vase of fresh blooms by our bedside or on the desk in our foyer.

*If you have pets, be sure to watch their recent video all about how to safely use essential oils in a household with pets. 


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What do you love most about springtime? Do you enjoy Spring Cleaning or dread it?

If you fall in the “dread it category” you can always consider a house cleaning service. 

spring cleaning house tips


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