10 Best Places for Wings in Milwaukee Wisconsin


With Caleb's help, I've compiled some of our favorite wings in the city, from classic buffalo-style to Korean style.

Chicken wings are so tasty, and I have had my fair share. I’ve compiled some of our favorite wings in the city with Caleb’s help, from classic buffalo-style to Korean style.

In my opinion, these are the factors that make a great Chicken Wing:

  • Good Sauce or Rub Coating
  • Limited Breading
  • Quality Meat
  • Juicy, Not Dry (Usually this means they were brined before cooking)
  • Great Char from a Grill
  • Good Crisp (if Fried)

I guarantee none of these wings will disappoint your wing craving – I am already drooling just thinking about my next trip to one of these best Milwaukee restaurants for wings!

10 Best Places for Wings in Milwaukee Wisconsin

1) TomKen’s Bar & Grill

Five-time winner of Milwaukee’s Wingfest, TomKen’s, is an excellent choice when it comes to chicken. You can stop by 8001 W Greenfield Avenue on Monday and Thursday nights to enjoy these tasty wings for $0.75 each. Saucy Secrets: The sauces change every week!

2) Lemanski’s Pub

Just down the street from TomKen’s, you’ll find Milwaukee Wingfest’s 2019 overall winner–Limanskis. Since opening in 2017, they’ve quickly become recognized as one of the best restaurants for wings in Milwaukee. Check them out at 8900 W. Greenfield Avenue. Saucy Secrets: There are over 30 sauce choices!

3) Club Garibaldi

If Limanskis’s the new kid on the block, Garibaldi is the tried and true group member. Operating since 1907, this tavern has been bringing you Milwaukee’s Best Chicken Wings for years. Located at 2501 S. Superior Street. Saucy Secret: Their hottest sauce is labeled as “nuclear!

4) Elsa’s on the Park

Moving closer to the heart of downtown Milwaukee, you’ll find Elsa’s. This cool restaurant may only offer three types of wings, but they’re three of Milwaukee’s best wings. Saucy Secrets: They serve Dragon Wings!

5) Leff’s Lucky Town

Leff’s may not be as convenient a location as Elsa’s, but their wings are so good they’re worth the drive out to 7208 W State StreetSaucy Secrets: They don’t just have hot sauce–they have ass-kickin’ sauce!

6) Pizza Shuttle

What goes better with wings than pizza? Pizza Shuttle’s got your dynamic duo covered. Find them at 1827 N Farwell AvenueSaucy Secrets: They’ve got new maple garlic dry rub that is to die for!

7) Points East Pub

Points East is part of almost every Top Wing in Milwaukee list, so it’s no big surprise a wait would be long. With Points East a part of nearly every best wing in Milwaukee list, it’s no surprise there’s a long wait. But, if you can hold out until the food comes, your taste buds will thank you. Points East is at 1501 N Jackson StreetSaucy Secrets: While there’s only one sauce for these hot wings, the secret ingredients make them enjoy every time you visit!

8) Palomino

They have so many amazing menu items, but trust me, get the bbq wings! Palomino is in Bay View – the best neighborhood in Milwaukee, lobster at 2491 N Superior Street. Saucy Secrets: It’s homemade, chunky, and fantastic!

9) Iron Grate

A good alternative to grilled or fried wings – Iron Grate smokes their wings for another level of flavor! Located near the airport, they are located at 4125 S Howell Street.

10) The Saucy Swine

The Saucy Swine‘s motto is. “Traditional BBQ with a twist.” Offering six homemade BBQ sauces, their wings are something you’ll keep coming back for!

So where are your favorite wings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?!?

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